Lex Luger reveals why he didn’t win the WWE title


Just when you thought the hottest new ClubWWI.com audio show couldn’t get any bigger, it has. That’s right. The only audio show powered by 1.21 gigawatts… MEGAWATTS hosted by former TNA D.O.A. Erik Watts is proud to welcome “The Total Package” Lex Luger for a 94 minute audio event that you can’t miss!

It doesn’t get any bigger than this as the Legendary Lex Luger joins James Guttman and Erik Watts to discuss his entire career in a rare hour and a half shoot interview. It’s a chance to hear from not only one of wrestling’s most controversial names, but two at once. From the Lex Express to the Wolfpac, Luger has had a career that fans will never forget. Now you can hear it all firsthand thanks to MEGAWATTS…exclusively on ClubWWI.com.  Among the many topics discussed during this epic audio include:  Why He Didn’t Win The WWF Title at SummerSlam 1993, Where The “Lex Luger” Name Came From, Not Knowing Who The Horsemen Were When He Joined Them, The Role Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan Played In Ending “The Narcissist” Gimmick, Almost Losing His Arm, Not Having The WCW Title There When He Won It, His Personal Regret About His Jump To Nitro, Why Sting Yelled At The Doctors After Lex’s Motorcycle Wreck, Vince McMahon Not Wanting To Use Lex’s Name, WCW Center Stage:
 The Asbestos Joint, Traveling On The Lex Express, Struggling With The All American Gimmick, How Erik Wanted To Beat Lex Up, Yokozuna: The Dancing Bear, How Luger Turned His Life Around, Being Arrogant and Cocky Before He Did, When a Golf Cart Driving Andre The Giant Scooped Him Up With One Arm, The New World Order, Problems Lex Had Trademarking His Name, The Ultimate Warrior, The Steiners, Hiro Matsuda, Bill Watts, Steve Austin, The Special DVD Deal for ClubWWI.com members at UniversalWrestling.com, and Much More.  You can hear it now on ClubWWI.com and read the huge full list of topics at

Fans will be surprised at Lex Luger’s new stance on life.  Having battled personal health problems, he now dedicates his time to helping families dealing with spinal chord injuries.  Admitting that he was “cocky and arrogant” before changing his life, Luger is more positive than he’s ever been.  This has lead to his long-standing friendship with Erik Watts.  But it wasn’t always that way.  Erik has told the story before on MegaWatts about how he had wanted to fight Lex when they first met in WCW.  Luger knows this story as well.  When the show begins, James asks about their friendship and Lex brings it up…

“Tell the truth, Erik.  You couldn’t stand me.  Remember?   That’s a crazy story unto itself.”

Watts starts to laugh.  “It was one of those things,” Erik explains.  “You have to be very careful what you say or do at any stage of your life.  Because there was a time where if I had a list of people that I would say…”

Luger jumps in – “Tell him the truth, Erik.  You wanted to beat me up.  James, I’m serious.  A couple of people, who shall remain anonymous, (told me).”

Erik and James laugh.  Watts admits that people got him riled up, but in the end, it didn’t happen.  “From the outside in, I had a lot of issues with what people said – and/or rumors I thought about Lex as a person.  And then, my immaturity of being a physical person, I was all hands on.  What’s so crazy is that a person I cared very little for at the time at the beginning of my wrestling career is someone who is one of the most important people in my life today.”

Luger and Erik go on to talk about Lex’s change in attitude, when he hit rock bottom, his ministry work, and more.  But that’s not all.  As the ClubWWI.com audio event continues, many big topics come up including the Lex Express and the entire American Original gimmick.  The Total Package talks about struggling with the gimmick, traveling the country on the Lex Express, where the gimmick came from, how Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan played a role in the early demise of the Narcissist gimmick, Vince McMahon not wanting to use the Lex Luger name, and more.  In regards to the character, SummerSlam 1993 is something James Guttman had always wondered about.  He asks Luger about not winning the belt at the pay-per-view against Yokozuna.  Lex reveals why that happened, explains that some people threatened to leave if he was giving the title, and the reason Vince McMahon gave him for not putting the strap on him.  Ironically, the next year, it happened again.  At  WrestleMania 10, many wrestling fans had all but assumed that Luger would win the WWF Championship.  The same politics from SummerSlam came into play.  And although it didn’t happen, it wasn’t a last minute decision as many people have guessed at:

“No.  To be honest with you, I knew maybe a few months before WrestleMania because my family had never been to an event.  So I asked (The WWF) for tickets to WrestleMania and Vince was upset.  He called me into his office, this is months and months before WrestleMania, and he goes, “Lex, you know, you’re not going to be winning the belt at WrestleMania.”  And my ex-wife Peggy had some really good friends out of New York.  Their family had kids the same age as my kids, so I wanted them there no matter what.  So I said, “Vince, I just want them to go to the event with their friends. It doesn’t matter.  That doesn’t have anything to do with me wanting tickets.” So he let me know months out that I was not going to be World Champion at WrestleMania because he was worried about me flying my whole family in to celebrate me winning the title and he was courteous enough to tell me that I wasn’t winning the belt.  So I knew months out.”

This flies in the face of one of wrestling’s biggest urban legends.  The story goes that Lex Luger was set to win the belt at the PPV until he was overheard bragging about it in a New York bar the night before.  The story had no merit and Luger tells ClubWWI.com listeners why:

“And I’ve heard these crazy rumors.  Someone saw something on Wikipedia one time – which is not an encyclopedia.  You can type in and change whatever you want that I was in a bar, messed up, telling everyone I was going to win so they didn’t do it.  But I was actually, the night before, not in a bar in New York saying I was going to win the World Title.  I was actually staying two hours away from New York for the site of Wrestlemania at my wife’s friend’s house in Connecticut.  So I wasn’t anywhere near a bar telling people I was going to win the World Title.”

To say that his a rare chance to spend over an hour and a half with one of wrestling’s biggest names is an understatement.  For the first time ever, hear Lex’s entire story along with Erik Watts, a person friend who has known him for over two decades.  It’s jampacked full of information that any fan of the Total Package won’t want to miss.  It’s only available on MEGAWATTS, Erik Watts’s audio show, and that’s only available on ClubWWI.com!

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