WSU Double DVD Taping on 10/3

Women Superstars Uncensored returned with another huge double DVD taping on October 3rd in Union City, NJ. Many heavily hyped matches took place as advertised. WSU plans on releasing these shows on DVD in two weeks. WSU also made an announcement concerning another working relationship which is included in this report.

Here are the quick results, with a more detailed report to come later.

Two videos were shown for the live crowd, which will be included on the DVD release.

DVD Taping One
Before the show could even start, Angel Orsini & Rain brawled throughout the building. Orsini & Rain have had a testy relationship ever since Rain debuted in WSU on 1/10/09. It all finally exploded on 8/22 and this was the first time these two were in the same place at the same time since Orsini finally had enough of Rain’s BS. Security and management had to break these two up before the show officially started.

Malia Hosaka d. Cindy Rogers, as the 2009 WSU Hall of Famer sent Rogers on a 3-match losing streak

Jana d. Jennifer Cruz, giving Jana the 2-1 advantage in this mini-feud that has been brewing in WSU.

After the match, Jana made it clear she still had unfinished business with WSU Spirit Champion and former partner, Latasha.

In a special edition of Missy’s Manor, hosted by 2009 WSU Hall of Famer Missy Hyatt, Missy Hyatt welcomed back Becky Bayless, who made her return to WSU after a 14 month absence. Becky was welcomed back to the fans. WSU fans learned that Missy Hyatt had applied for a managers license in WSU and Becky wanted Missy to manage her. However, Rick Cataldo came out to interrupt. Rick Cataldo stated that WSU replaced one drunk with another, referencing Sean Hanson, who lost a Loser-Leaves-WSU match last show and Becky’s 2008 DUI. Cataldo made several other comments about Becky’s personal life, which riled up Becky and this match started off with a bang.

Becky Bayless w/Missy Hyatt d. Rick Cataldo

Amber O’Neal d. Sassy Stephanie, extending her win streak to 3-0

WSU Spirit Championship Match
(c) Latasha d. Lea Morrison via DQ
With Brittney Force unable to make the show, Latasha said she wanted to defend her title tonight. Latasha gave out an open challenge to the WSU roster, which was answered by her best friend and traveling partner from Boston, Lea Morrison. The two were having an epic clash, until Jana ran out. Jana attacked Latasha, which made the ref call for a DQ. Lea was upset that she was screwed out of a title opportunity. Lea said she wanted to kick Jana’s ass but also wanted a title match. Latasha said she would take on both Lea and Jana in a Triple Threat match at the next event.

WSU Tag Team Title Match
(c) Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred d. Alicia & Brooke Carter
During the match, Rick Cataldo, who announced on Missy’s Manor that he had a manager’s contract as well in WSU, came out to scout this match. After Carter was pinned, Rick came into the ring. It was shockingly revealed that Cataldo signed Carter behind Alicia’s back. Cataldo & Carter then attacked Alicia. This is MUST SEE on the DVD release, as this was one of the most despicable acts ever in WSU, although the most despicable act ever in WSU was still yet to come at the end of the night.

Carter then announced she was sick of being called something she wasn’t and being so happy all the time. Carter said her real name is Brittney Savage, something that you can look up online if you don’t believe her, and this is what she’s really like. Brittney Savage said she is sick of playing the role of a good girl and that Brooke Carter was dead. Brittney said she is sick of having to deal with Alicia and somewhat sounded jealous of Alicia’s previous accolades.

Savage then went to curb stomp Alicia, American History X style, until Becky Bayless ran out to help Alicia. After two years, Bayless & Alicia were back in the ring together, for the first time, since December 2007. Bayless & Alicia challenged Cataldo/Savage to a match on the next event.

Rain d. Angel Orsini
In a wild 25+ minute brawl, Rain got the upper-hand on her former business associate Angel Orsini. This was another MUST SEE on DVD match, as we saw a new side of Rain. These two brawled all over Union City, and even had a bar room fist fight. After the end of all this insanity and brutality, Rain defeated Orsini after her patented implant DDT.

WSU World Title Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez d. Portia Perez
Martinez & Perez ripped it up again in their rematch from November 2008. After 24+ minutes, Martinez was able to win the match with her fisherman brainbuster to retain the title.

After the match, Rain came out. Rain pled her case as number 1 contender. Rain said her partner Nikki Roxx, wasn’t
here because Roxx had better things to do then show her face in this dump called Union City. Portia said Rain had
no friends. Rain made it clear that she doesn’t have friends, but she has partners, and brought out her hired guns,
WSU Tag Champs Havok & Hatred. Havok, Hatred & Rain attacked Martinez & Perez, who had just fought an epic battle.

However, Angel Orsini came out and made the save for her long time friend Martinez. After another war of words, Orsini & Martinez challenged Havok/Hatred for the WSU Tag Team Titles and Portia vs Rain, with the winner becoming the number 1 contender to the WSU World Title was signed!

DVD Taping 2

Cindy Rogers d. Sassy Stephanie to finally get back on the winning track in WSU

Alicia & Becky Bayless w/Missy Hyatt d. Rick Cataldo & Brittney Savage

WSU Spirit Championship Match
Jana d. Lea Morrison & (c) Latasha to win the WSU Spirit Championship
Jana hit a vicious spinebuster on Lea Morrison, with Morrison taking the brunt of the move on the back of her head. Jana took advantage of an injury and pinned Lea to win the championship. Latasha, who lost her championship but did not factor in the decision, was irate that Jana went out of her way to injure her “real-life” best friend. This feud between Latasha & Jana, which is almost at the one-year mark has gotten extremely personal, with Jana going out of her way to injure Latasha’s best friend to win the WSU Spirit Championship. It was a plan that Jana told after the match was in the works ever since 8/22. However, perhaps Jana thought she could never beat Latasha for the belt on her own, which is why she lured Latasha into agreeing to a match where Latasha could lose her title if she didn’t get beat.

In an update, Lea Morrison had a mild concussion after the match. Morrison was treated and should be well soon.

Amber O’Neal d. Malia Hosaka to extend her winning streak to 4-0. It seems that WSU has really brought the best out
of Amber O’Neal, as Amber has shown more drive and determination at this point in her career than ever before.

#1 Contender Match to the WSU World Championship
Rain d. Portia Perez
Before the match, Rain brought out Havok & Hatred as her back-up but Orsini & Martinez ran them off to make sure this match stayed one-on-one. Despite having her plan foiled, Rain showed that she is a true threat by winning the match and cementing her status as the top challenger to the WSU World Title in this excellent singles match.

For the WSU World Tag Team Championship
(c) Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred fought WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez & Angel Orsini to a No-Contest
In a wild tag match, that featured top rope dives to the floor and showing the quality of tag team wrestling in WSU, the match went to a no-contest when Rain came out to interfere. Portia Perez came out to help Martinez & Orsini, but Orsini & Perez wound up fighting all the way to the locker room with Havok & Hatred. This distraction left Martinez vulnerable and Rain seized her opportunity to get time with the wounded champion, who has been battling through neck, shoulder, knee and back injuries. Rain completely decimated Martinez. This is not an exaggeration.

WSU fans have never seen Martinez so battered and weakened, as Rain destroyed Martinez. Martinez, who wrestled on 10/3 injured, as she refused to take time off to recuperate her injuries, became a victim of her grueling schedule. Rain picked apart Martinez. For the first time ever in WSU, a show ended without a hand being raised, as Rain ended the show by dismantling the champion. In an iconic and symbolizing act, after beating on Martinez with a barrage of chair shots, Rain grabbed the world title and hoisted it over her head for everyone to see. Rain promised the championship would be hers the next time she stepped inside a WSU ring. Martinez had to be assisted to the back and due to her pre-existing injuries and injuries received by Rain, needed EMT attention.

Before this attack, every WSU event has ended with a clear-cut winner. Rain decided to change all that and make a statement. The statement has been heard by the womens wrestling world, and Rain has proclaimed herself as the next WSU World Champion. With Martinez fighting through serious injuries and Rain proving that she will do anything to win the title, it looks like the Rain Era has begun. To understand the severity of this situation, one must check out the DVD of this show once it is released.


WSU Post Show News/Notes:

During the event, WSU announced that they will be giving a match to the upcoming Dragon Gate “Independent Tour De Force” DVD. This DVD will feature top matches from many top independent promotions from across the United States. This DVD, which will be given away for free by Dragon Gate USA to ringside ticket holders on upcoming DragonGate USA shows will feature the Mercedes Martinez vs Nikki Roxx World Title Match from 8/22. We will have full information about this DVD in upcoming updates. As Dragon Gate tries to do something new, exciting and fresh in the United States, WSU is happy to expose Dragon Gate fans to the best in womens wrestling today.

WSU will like to thank ACE Pro Wrestling and their staff, specifically Mike Morgan, John Fallon, DJ Cyco & Lauren Nolan for their help and assistance in making WSU’s debut in Union City successful and with ease. WSU plans on returning to Union City this winter, as we are trying to coordinate a date that is best for our talent and fans, as we know there are many upcoming events the northeast area in late November/December, which is our target for our next event.

WSU will be working with other northeast promotions as usual during the fall/winter, as WSU is proud to be working with both the ACE & NWS promotions. We hope to announce a full schedule of matches later this week, as WSU has been approached by different organizations for WSU title defenses., a top womens wrestling website, has live interviews with the WSU roster. Check it out on their site, as they are now covering WSU on a full-time basis. will be updated all week with tons of news and information. We hope to have these DVDs released in two weeks.

WSU thanks everyone for showing support to WSU and to the fans who came out last night.

For more information, keep it at

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