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Missy Hyatt

Wrestler’s Managed: John Tatum
Eddie Gilbert
Steiner Brothers
Ric Flair
Nasty Boys
Shane Douglas
Boyfriends: Eddie Gilbert (Husbund)
John Tatum (Husbund)
Scott Steiner (TV Boyfriend)
Jason Hervey (RL Boyfriend)

Career Highlights

World Class & The UWF:

  • 1985: Missy Hyatt started her career managing John Tatum in the Texas-based World Class Championship Wrestling promotion..
  • May 4, 1986: Missy Hyatt feuded with another blonde bombshell, Sunshine, which led to a mudpit match at Texas Stadium in Irving..
  • Missy Hyatt departed WCCW in favor of the Universal Wrestling Federation..
  • Missy Hyatt formed Hot Stuff & Hyatt International with real life boyfriend “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert..
  • Missy Hyatt (still under UWF contract) accepted an offer from the WWF to host her own talk show called “Missy’s Manor”..
  • ~~~The show was nothing short of a disaster, and within months, Hyatt returned to the UWF – now owned by Jim Crockett..
  • Missy Hyatt co-hosted the UWF syndicated show with play-by-play man Jim Ross..
  • 1989: Missy Missy managed the Steiner Brothers and became Scott’s girlfriend..
  • ~~~But Missy Hyatt was not the only female to land herself a Steiner..
  • ~~~A female fan of Rick’s, named Robin Greene, finally got her wish and secured a date with Rick Steiner..
  • ~~~Missy made her over, and she eventually evolved into “Woman“..World Championship Wrestling:
  • 1990: Missy Hyatt returned to the role as a commentator and did commentary on the WCW Main Event program..
  • 1992: Paul E. Dangerously (Paul Heyman) began pestering Hyatt and her then boyfriend, Jason Hervey..
  • ~~~As a result, Missy Hyatt challenged Paul E. Dangerously to an arm wrestling match, which Missy won!
  • ~~~Paul E. then urged Madusa to challenge Missy to a swimsuit contest, and Missy won yet again!
  • 1994: Missy Hyatt returned to managing, and turned her attention to the Nasty Boys and briefly Ric Flair, and later the Barbarian..
  • A semi nude photograph of Missy Hyatt appeared in the corporate office of WCW..
  • ~~~Missy Hyatt complained to her boss at the time, Eric Bischoff..
  • ~~~When Bischoff failed to take action, Missy Hyatt pursued the matter with Eric Bischoff’s boss..
  • ~~~As a result, Eric Bischoff fired Missy Hyatt! — Missy Hyatt filed a lawsuit against WCW for sexual harassment..
  • ~~~The suit was settled in December 1996, with Hyatt proclaiming that she was “pleased with the outcome”..Extreme Championship Wrestling:
  • February 1997: Missy Hyatt joined ECW, where she managed both the Sandman and Shane Douglas..
  • After her brief stint in ECW, she became a commentator for the now defunct American Wrestling Federation..Semi-Retirement:
  • February 18, 2001 – USA Pro Wrestling: The Sandman w/Missy Hyatt fought Big Dick Dudley to a draw..
  • Fall 2001: Missy Hyatt’s book titled “Missy Hyatt: First Lady of Wrestling” was published..
  • Missy Hyatt stills makes frequent appearances at wrestling shows, and at autograph sessions..
  • October 2002: Apparently former WCW/WWF/ECW personality Missy Hyatt took former ECW Manager Bill Alphonso to court..
  • ~~~They appeared on the Judge Mathis TV show. The case centered around the damage the Alphonso did to her Porsche..
  • ~~~Mathis awarded the case to Hyatt who receieved a $500 reward. No word on when the show will air..
  • November 2003: Missy Hyatt will be “performing” at Tease Lounge in West Palm Beach from 11/18 to 11/22..
  • October 3, 2004–BANG TV Taping: Missy Hyatt defeated The Claw to win Women’s title..
  • January 14, 2006–Southern Championship Wrestling: Larry Zbyszko w/Missy Hyatt defeated Rip Malibu..
  • January 16, 2005–NWA Spinebuster: Adam Windsor & Funky White Boy (w/Missy Hyatt) beat The RockNRoll Express..
  • March 3, 2007–Wrestling Superstars Unleashed: Missy Hyatt interviewed Daffney but was interrupted by Talia Madison
  • July 14, 2007–WSU Women’s Division: Missy Hyatt did a Missy’s Manor segment with Liz Savage….
  • July 14, 2007–WSU (Taping #2): The Soul Sisters w/Missy Hyatt beat Della’Morte & Taylor Nicole w/Liz Savage
  • September 22, 2007–Women Superstars Uncensored: Missy’s Manor Interview segment with guest Angel Orsini
  • 2007-2009: Missy Hyatt spent time as a color commentator for Women Superstars Uncensored with Sean “Ref” Hanson..
  • Missy Hyatt is involved in several animal charities & foster programs for pets..
  • March 7, 2009–WSU Hall of Fame: Missy Sampson inducted Missy Hyatt into the WSU Hall of Fame..
  • August 22, 2009–WSU: MISSYS MANOR featured the Wedding Shower of Rick Cataldo & Sean Hanson..
  • October 3, 2009–Women Superstars Uncensored: Missy’s Manor with Missy Hyatt interviewing the returning Becky Bayless ..
  • ~~~Bayless asked Hyatt to manager her and she accepted. Rick Cataldo interrupted. . . Becky Bayless defeated Rick Cataldo!
  • October 3, 2009–Women Superstars Uncensored: Alicia & Becky Bayless w/Missy Hyatt beat Rick Cataldo & Brittney Savage..

    Robert Louis Howell wrote: Missy Hyatt had something of a right of passage into the life of a Texas Wrestling Valet when she was caught and publicly spanked by Lance Von Erich (Who was managed by Sunshine at the time). John Tatum was knocked out and Missy was left to her fate. Sunshine was kind enough not to be at ringside and only reappeared to jump for joy after the fact.



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October 16, 1965


Originally Tallahassee, Florida
Lived in Fulton Landing, NY
Lived in Tampa, Florida
Resides in New York






129 lbs

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Paul E. Dangerously