Mike Posey

By David Garrison

******FROM THE FRONT ROW******
Anarchy Wrestling started out a bit slow this time,78 in attendance at bell time,This is down from its normal crowd,But the night got better with a lot of good matches and some unexpected twist and turns,The fans seemed to be interested in the matches and got loud and stayed that way the entire night
First Match- Matt Fortune vs Joey Lynch,When these two came out to open up,I didn’t expect much from them,(I have never seen them before)However I was impressed,The match was good from start to finish with a lot of high flying action,Joey Lynch won by pinfall
Second Match-Vandall vs Kevin Blue,Before the match started,@ Mike Posey came to the ring to tell both competitors when he won The Anarchy Title later that night that wrestlers like them would be getting title shots not just the same ole guys getting all the Title matches-Kevin Blue won by pinfall
Third Match-Anarchy Tag Team Title Match
Washington Bullets Champions( Jon Williams & Trey Williams) vs The Urban Assault Squad(Shadow Jackson Sj Tricia Jackson & NemesisAnthony Mills) I have been looking forward to these two teams squaring off,The Bullets are a Brother team and work very well together and U.A.S are 6 time Anarchy Tag Team Champs so they know each other well also and are not afraid of a fight-This feud is not over because it looks like The Bullets ran out of ammo and left the ring and got counted out-Winners by count out U.A.S, But the Bullets keep the titles
Forth Match-“The Deadly Sin” Se7en with manager Jeff G. Bailey Vs Several Wrestlers,Bailey Said Se7en would stay in the ring and wrestle different competitors until he called him off, Se7en defeated 3 different wrestlers by pinfall,When the forth Wrestler entered the ring (Lars Manderson) Bailey said he had seen enough and Se7en and him left the ring,Is Bailey and Se7en afraid to face Manderson???–We will see
Fifth Match– Six Man Match,With the winner by pinfall or submission to get a title shot of his choosing at a later date,The rules were the first 15 min wrestlers must tag in and out,The next 15 min it was every man for himself-The competitors were Anthony Henry with Miss Rachael, Bobby Moore,TODD SEXTON, Seth DeLayJeremy Slim J BoydCorey Hollis-In my opinion this was the best match of the night,Lot of action inside and outside the ring-Todd Sexton won by pinning Bobby Moore and this is where the first twist of the night came in-Sexton got the mic and said he had never held a title at Anarchy and would like to go after the Tag Team Titles,But he needed a partner-And told Moore if he would grow up and start acting right he may have found a partner-The two shook hands and left the ring,It will be interesting to see how this plays out
Sixth Match-Anarchy TV Championship Match
C.b. SuavéChampion) vs Mikey Watkins—-Suave won by pinfall,I was somewhat disappointed that Tommy Penirelli wasn’t there tonight,I want to see Tommy get his hands on CB,I hope that THE POWERS TO BE atAnarchy Wrestling will give Penirlli another title shot
Seventh Match— BJ Hancock with Miss Rachael vs Strvknyn,This match started out with Hancock getting his butt handed to him by Strvknyn and went uphill from there,It turned into a Slug-fist with a No contest Double DQ,I have watched both of these wrestlers since there first match at Anarchy and will honestly say BOTH have become Great Wrestlers,Interested to see what the future holds for both of them
Eighth Match–Young Lions Championship
Shawn Tempers(Champion) with Jeff G. Bailey vs Ace Rockwell——Rockwell was cheated out of the win,Dee Byers counted a 3 count pinfall and Bailey put Tempers foot on the rope-Rockwell Clearly won this match but The ref reversed the decision and Tempers kept the belt
Main Event Match-Anarchy Heavyweight Title Match
Mikael Judas vs Mike Posey-No DQ,No Countout,Just to look at these two,There is no way Posey could beat Judas—-Judas’s boots and ring gear weighs more than Posey,This is the second twist of the night,Before the match started Judas was doing a promo backstage on Camera and Iceberg Attacked him and someone handed him a knife(later to find out it was Jeff G.Bailey) Judas had to answer the bell and barely did,He was already hurt when he came to the ring and Posey won by pinfall-Gonna be interesting to see how this plays out
Overall Anarchy had a Great show–Thank you Franklin E. Dove
THE GOOD—Seeing Iceberg back healthy and back in the game(just not like this)
THE BAD-Mike Posey as Anarchy Champion
THE UGLY–Jeff G. Baileys Shoes
Referees tonight were—- Dee Byers and Ken Wallace
JUST A NOTE—-Miss Rachael( Rachael Freeman) on the next show watch out for flying baby pacifiers