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–A New Episode of Chainsaw TV is up and posted at: It features the October 2007 debuts of #1 Contender Christin Able and MCPW No Limits Champion Caden Ames, make sure to check it out now!

–Speaking of Able and Ames, November 15th at AfterMath they will be in the biggest matches of their careers as Able challenges Jimmy Jacobs for the MCPW World Championship, and Caden Ames defends his MCPW No Limits Championship against Steve Amani! More details will be released soon about MCPW AfterMath 2008!

–The Battle Ground 2008 Match of The Sandman & Mikey Zeroe vs. Sami Callihan & Hardcore Harry will be featured on a new DVD Release entitled, “Indy Stars” produced and filmed by Eric King and Ring King Productions, the DVD features some of the biggest matches in the Midwest Indy Scene featuring such names as: The Sandman, Chris Hero, Larry Sweeney, Demolition Smash, Shark Boy, Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Zach Gowen, and many more. It also features a handful of MCPW Stars such as: Josh Raymond, Sami Callihan, Christin Able, Mikey Zeroe, Hardcore Harry, Scotty Young, and Jake Omen! Make sure to pick it up at MCPW Live Events, and starting next week!

–MCPW “Strong Intentions” is October 11th at the Kalkaska Civic Center in Kalkaska, MI. This Monday tickets go on sale for the event! Tickets are only $8 Pre-Sale, as opposed to $10 at the door, so make sure you can pick them up as soon as you can! Tickets are available Monday by calling, J&M’s Country Corners at: 1-(231)-587-8115, the MCPW Hotline at: 1-(231)-384-2865, or at the official MCPW website:! Get your tickets fast!

–The first match has officially been signed for “Strong Intentions” on October 11th, at that is a match that was signed for the previous MCPW show but never took place, that match is a “Kalkaska Street Fight” between “The HxC Warrior” Mikey Zeroe and James Dillinger. Anything is legal in this one, and Kalkaska will be torn down! We will be getting words from both Zeroe and Dillinger heading into this match on the next edition of Chainsaw TV.

–Do not forget at “Strong Intentions” on October 11th, All Japan Pro Wrestling Superstar: C.J. Otis will make his MCPW debut, fresh off a tour of Japan! In the next edition of Chainsaw TV, the MCPW Fans will be introduced to C.J. Otis, and his time in Japan.

–In Addition to C.J. Otis, and Mikey Zeroe vs. James Dillinger in a Street Fight, MCPW has signed the following wrestlers for “Strong Intentions” on October 11th: 2007 Michigan Tag Team of the Year: Ringside Revue, “Untouchable” Steve Amani, “All Nite” Adam Renolds, Louis Lynden, Bryan Skyline, Chip Daley, Team Make or Break: Kenny Kage & Ryan Epic, Hardcore Harry, and Adam Bueller. Expect more wrestlers to be added soon!

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