The Cold War Revisited by Magnum TA and Nikita Koloff

The hottest political button of the first part of the 80s was the impending threat of Russia and their supposed insatiable desire to take over the world. And inside the wrestling ring in 1986, the threat was brought home by the massive Nikita Koloff. Our elected hero to battle him was matinee idol-type Magnum TA.


Now via Kayfabe Commentaries’ latest edition of “My Side of the Story,” the tale of that legendary feud which culminated in a best-of-seven series is told by the two warriors themselves.

The structure of the innovative DVD series has both participants in a legendary feud asked the exact same questions, but separately. Their respective answers are woven beside each others to tell the entire tale of the feud. The final segement of the DVD reunites the two men.

“The formula is completely innovative and works so well when reconstructing history,” says Kayfabe Commentaries co-owner Sean Oliver. “You wind up with one story, told from two different perspectives, as told by the men that were there. We sought to create the definitive series for the great wrestling feuds. I think we have with our two current editions.”

The first edition, released last year, featured Tito Santana and Greg Valentine reliving their year-long war. The company expects to release only one or two of the series each year.

“We truly want it to cover the greatest feuds in the business,” Oliver said. “Overkill would tarnish the luster.”

“My Side of the Story: Magnum/Nikita” went onsale today at