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Lots of great action and some big surprises took place as New England Championship Wrestling returned to the National Guard Armory in Quincy, MA this past Saturday night, September 20th in front of a packed house for AUTUMN UNLEASHED. 

In the opener, “Future Superstar” Ryan Matthews defeated visiting Australian star Ryan Eagles via a school boy roll up holding the trunks of Eagles.


In a triple threat match for the NECW Tag Team Championship, champions PRIDE (Dan Frietas and Brian Nunes) retained the titles by defeating Team Nightmare (Evan Siks & Nick Steel) and The Crown Jewels (Darling Damon & Jason Rumble). The fall came when PRIDE was able to hit Siks with a tandem side-slam/neck-breaker move.


The third match of the evening saw Jason Blade take on “The Prince of Pink” Brendan Michael Thomas, accompanied by World Women’s Wrestling Champion “The Portuguese Princess” Ariel. Thomas showed he was a formidable opponent, but Blade took the win in a hard-fought contest with a small package driver.


Next up was a “Pat’s Pit” segment. After showing footage of the previous “Pit” where Ryan Matthews and Sean Gorman assaulted host Pat “The Brat” Piper, “The Brat” challenged Gorman to come out and settle their grudge one-on-one. Gorman came out flanked by Matthews. NECW President Sheldon Goldberg quickly made his way to ringside making the decree that Piper and Gorman would settle things where all things in NECW were settled – in the ring. First, Goldberg barred Matthews from ringside and ordered him to the back immediately or face suspension or arrest. He then declared that Piper and Gorman would go at it one-on-one, right then and there in a match where the loser had to leave NECW for 90 days. Despite the protests of Gorman, Piper came ready to fight. The bell rang, Piper poked Gorman in the eyes and then put him in the sleeper hold. A fitting end of the feud came when Gorman passed out in the ring and Piper was awarded the contest. The security team carried Gorman out of the arena to the choruses of the fans singing “Nah Nah Hey Hey Good Bye”


In a great technical match-up, NECW Television Champion Handsome Johnny, with Sammi Lane, battled #1 Contender “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke to a 20-minute time limit draw. Post-match both men were invited to take part in the Toxic Waltz on November 1st, but also would have a rematch that same night with No Time Limit.


MAKOTO scored a pinfall victory on “The Talent” TJ Richter with a flying leg cradle.


Joe Matterazzo from NECW TV came out to introduce the newest prospect in New England Championship Wrestling, High School All American / State Champion amateur wrestler Davey Loomis. The introduction was interrupted by Ryan Matthews who took exception to Matterazzo’s labeling Loomis as a “future superstar”. Matthews laid an open amateur challenge for Loomis at The Toxic Waltz on November 1st in Quincy, MA. Loomis accepted. As Loomis went to shake Matthew’s hand in agreeing to the match, Matthews slapped the amateur star. Loomis answered Ryan Matthews with a huge belly-to-belly suplex much to the delight of the NECW fans.


In a World Women’s Wrestling International Tag Team Feature Match, the team of Australia’s Madison Eagles and WWW Champion Portuguese Princess Ariel faced off with Lexxus and another Aussie in Jessie McKay. Fans were treated to some great hard-hitting fast paced action. Lexxus and McKay took the win as the young Australian star pinned her former mentor Eagles after a power bomb.


In the main event for the NECW Triple Crown Championship, reigning title-holder “The Mohawked Enforcer” Max Bauer successfully retained the title by defeating former champion DC Dillinger via small package. 2008 Iron 8 Champion and special guest referee “The Golden Greek” Alex Arion awarded the contest to Bauer, but then shocked Bauer and the fans by knocking him senseless with the coveted championship belt. Arion berated the management of NECW, the fans, and the locker room; blaming them for his actions. Fans stood stunned as Arion blasted Bauer two more times raising an ugly welt on his head. Officials were able to get the “Mohawked Enforcer” to safety after Jason Blade and Brandon Locke ran to the ring attempting to protect their fallen friend.


NECW returns to live action on Saturday night, November 1st at the National Guard Armory in Quincy, MA with the 2008 TOXIC WALTZ. Tickets are on sale now at all FYE locations, K.C.’s Sports Cards, 33 Temple Street, Quincy Center and online at www.NECWwrestling.com