According to reports NWA Hollywood promoter David Marquez has been served with a Cease and Desist order that would prevent him from running under, publicizing or otherwise utilizing the National Wrestling Alliance banner.

The move comes on the heels of a number of injunctions and possibility of a number of lawsuits to be filed against R. Bruce Tharpe.

Sources indicate that Tharpe had lent Marquez a $2,000 sum of money when Marquez was on the precipice of turning NWA Hollywood into the showcase promotion it is today and that Marquez has failed to repay Tharpe who has demanded the initial amount plus interest as well as a number of other provisions. Marquez failure to repay Tharpe has seemingly resulted in Tharpe trying to force Marquez out of the NWA.

NWA World Champion Adam Pearce has reportedly been advised he can no longer work for or accept bookings for David Marquez or NWA Hollywood.

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