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!BANG! TV report – Happy birthday to Mr. McMahon from the !BANG! gang.

Dory Funk Jr., Cory “Wild” Weston, Hollywood Heather, Claudia “The Claw” Reiff, Shane Chung, Jeremy “Rock Star” Spillers with “Goddess # 1” and Princess Gaga, The Mighty Vesuvius, Brian “Hot Shot” Davis and Quinton “Drop Back” Hitchcock all have encouraging words for Mr. McMahon for his birthday (August 24th). “Happy Birthday Mr. McMahon” is now online at http://www.dory-funk.com.

Also newly released on !BANG! TV an Australian Rules 6 man Tag Team Match

Cory “Wild” Weston, Mighty Vesuvius and Jeremy “Rock Star” Spillers vs. Chinese Champion, Shane Chung, Quinton “Drop Back” Hitchcock, Brian “Hot Shot” Davis

WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry Brisco will appear on the next !BANG! TV taping Plus a World Title Match between Shane Chung (Champion) and Cory “Wild” Weston Saturday September 15 and Live on Pay Per View, (Night of Champions) Alberto Del Rio challenges “The Great White” Shamus on Sunday September 16.

For the Ultimate Pro-wrestling experience, watch Monday Night Raw tonight and at the same time Join Me on Twitter, “I want to hear what you have to say.”

Visit Dory Funk’s Website at http://www.dory-funk.com.