New MCW champion crowned


Match #1

The Hell Cats Defeated, G-Fed & Buck Chyld, The Unleashed & Punk Rock All Stars to become #1 Contenders for the tag team championship

Match #2

Chuck Lennox Defeated Bruiser to win the MCW RAGE Championship after Ronnie Zukko Interfeared

Former WWE Writer Kevin Eck who was recently released during the now famous WWE Budget Cuts came back and addressed the fans and publicly acknowledged his departure from the company. He thanked all of the fans for his support that had heard about the release and let them know that even though he was not working for the WWE anymore that he had not lost his love for thw wrestling business. He thankedDan McDevitt and MCW for offering him his “Old Gig” back as a Referee and said that ecause he is a Baltimore Guy he had always considered MCW as Home. That then brough out Mitch Miller who is a former MCW Wrestler that has been trying to get a spot back with the company for some time.

Mitch wanted an opportunity to “earn his spot back” which ended him in a Body Slam Challenge.

Match #3

C.J. Burney Defeta Mitch Miller in the Bodyslam Challenge

After the match Mitch started to run down the legends in the back which ended up drawing out Diamond dallas Page and Miller found himself on the wrong end of a Diamond Cutter.

Match #4

Brandon Scott Defeated Eddie Smooth

Match #5

Amber Rodriguez Deteated Renee Michelle to win the MCW Women’s Championship

The Lovely Tara came out and Introduced Bret “The Hitman” Hart who came out and thanked the fans for all of the years of support

Match #6

King McBride def, Ronnie Zukko by forfeit. Mcbride then called out the Hell cats and tried to have them forfeit the #1 Contenders Spot for the MCW tag Titles. When they would not surrender the spot the King turned on them.

Match #7

Kai Katana def. The Man they Call Li

Match #8

Napalm Bomb and Solo def. Christian York and Ruckus to regain the MCW Tag Team Championship

Match #9

King McBride won the 20 Man Bunkhouse Stampede

Match #10

Drolix def. Matt Hardy to win the MCW Heavyweight Championship

A referee was knocked out and Kevin Eck came out to finish reffing the match and low-blowed Matt Hady and counted a fast count on him.

After the match Black Wall Street attacked Matt Hardy on a 4 on 1 which brought out The Hell Cats for the Save and ended up setting up the main event for Sunday November 16th. All 4 Members of Black Wall Street will take on The Hell Cats & The Hardy Boys Matt & Jeff.

At the end of the night Kevin Eck was in the back yelling that he was Insulted that after 3 years working as a writer for the biggest Wrestling Company in the World that he was asked to come back as a referree and not put in charge of the creative direction of the company.

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