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CZW DVD January 12, 2008 “New Year’s Resolutions” – Philadelphia, PA
1. Alex Colon vs. LJ Cruz
2. Nicky benz vs. Joe Gacy
3. Super Smash Brothers vs. Greg Excellent & Beef Wellington
4. Javi-Air vs. Bandido Jr. vs. Ryan McBride vs. Pinky Sanchez
5. DJ Hyde vs. WHACKS
6. Mickie Knuckles vs. LuFisto
7. Zandig Interview
8. Jon Dahmer & Dany DeManto vs. Team Andrew
9. Sabian vs. Azrieal
10. Brain Damage vs. Joker
11. Nick Gage vs. Danny Havoc
12. Bonus Material – Cage Of Death 9 Music Video
Price: $20
Chikara DVD December 9, 2007 “Stephen Colbert > Bill O’Reilly” – State College, PA
1. Mitch Ryder Interview
2. The Colony vs. Order Of The Neo-Solar Temple
3. Shane Storm vs. Vin Gerard
4. Icarus, Gran Akuma & Brodie Lee vs. Sara Del Ray, Cheech & Cloudy
5. Mitch Ryder vs. Tim Donst
6. Los Ice Creams vs. Osirian Portal
7. Chris Hero vs. Claudio Castagnoli
Bonus Disc
“The lost CHIKARA Files Volume 1”
1. Los Ice Creams & Ophidian vs. Neo Solar Temple from 7/4/2007
2. Larry Sweeney vs. Create-A-Wrestler from 3/25/2007
3. The Osirian Portal Interview
4. CHIKARA Pod-Per-View #1
Price: $20
IWA-MS DVD January 24, 2003 “300th Show” – Clarksville, IN
This 3 disc release has been re-mastered for this DVD release.
1. Opening Ceremony
2. Shark Boy vs. Mitch Ryder
3. Stan Dupp vs. Simon Sezz
4. Danny Daniels vs. Chris Sabin
5. Tarek the Great vs. Vortekz w/ American Kickboxer
6. KO vs. Michael Todd Stratton
7. Ian Rotten vs. Bull Pain – Steel Cage Match – Guest Keeper of the Key: Harley Race
8. Tracy Smothers vs. Superstar Steve
9. Mark Wolf vs. Adam Gooch
10. M-Dogg 20 vs. Chip Fairway – Special Referee: Dean Baldwin
11. “Spyder” Nate Webb vs “Sick” Nick Mondo – Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match
12. Colt Cabana vs. Josh Prohibition
13. Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Hero
14. CM Punk vs. Vic Capri vs. Ace Steel
15. 8 Man Hardcore Rumble: Cash Flo vs. J.C. Bailey vs. 2 Tuff Tony vs. Corporal Robinson vs. Terry Bull vs. Rollin Hard vs. Mad Man Pondo vs. Axl Rotten
Price: $20

IWA-MS DVD October 20, 2001 “5th Anniversary Show” – Charlestown, IN
This show has been re-mastered for this DVD release.
1. Gavin Starr vs. Garrett Marx
2. American Kickboxer vs. Cuefa the Flyin Hawaiian
3. Hy-Zaya vs. Richard X vs. Dysfunction
4. Phoenix vs. Adrian Serrano w/ Holly Wood – Shoot Style Match
5. “Classic” Colt Cabana vs. Paul E. Smooth
6. CM Punk vs. Michael Shane
7. Rollin Hard vs. Cash Flo
8. Chris Hero vs. “Rugby Thug” Trent Baker
9. “Sick” Nick Mondo vs. Mean Mitch Page vs. Corporal Robinson – Fans Bring the Weapons Match
10. Ian Rotten, Sabu, Tracy Smothers & Mark Wolf vs. Bull Pain, Todd Morton, Mitch Ryder & Tarek the Great – Steel Cage Match
Price: $20
Jerry Lynn DVD “The Very Best Of Jerry Lynn”
1. Jerry Lynn vs. Colt Cabana 3/2/01 IWA-MS
2. Jerry Lynn vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr. 3/24/02 NWA Tri-State
3. Jerry Lynn vs. Trent Acid 5/11/02 CZW
4. Jerry Lynn vs. CM Punk 10/5/02 IWA-MS
5. Jerry Lynn vs. Jimmy Jacobs 8/1/03 IWA-MS
6. Jerry Lynn vs. AJ Styles 11/8/03 IWA-MS
7. Jerry Lynn vs. Delirious 4/10/04 IWA-MS
8. Jerry Lynn vs.SABU 4/17/04 3PW
9. Jerry Lynn vs. Joey Matthews 5/15/04 3PW
10. Jerry Lynn vs. Joey Matthews vs. AJ Styles 6/19/04 3PW
11. Jerry Lynn vs. Low Ki 7/17/04 3PW
12. Jerry Lynn vs. Lionel Knight 4/28/06 UWA Hardcore
13. Jerry Lynn vs. Josh Prohibition 5/26/06 UWA Hardcore
14. Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Hero 11/15/06 IWA East Coast
Price: $20
Smart Mark Video and Indy Wrestling News is proud to announce the debut of “Free K5 Klassic Matches”, a brand new web show featuring free matches hand selected from Smart Mark Video’s monstrous archive of wrestling footage. These matches will highlight some of the best promotions and wrestlers from today and yesterday, and will serve as an excellent way of sampling a variety of different promotions that fans might not have seen before.
The first ever “Free K5 Klassic Matches”, now available on, features a little seen match between Low-Ki and Mike Mayhem that took place on a Future Wrestling Alliance show in 2000 and is available on the “Best of the FWA” compilation DVD sold exclusively at Smart Mark Video. Many people have said this is the best FWA match ever, and we’d be hard pressed to disagree. For those who are not familiar with Mike Mayhem, don’t let that scare you off, watch this match and let yourself be pleasantly surprised.
So go to now to check out this amazing match, and make sure to go to for all your DVD needs!
Upcoming Events
1/27 – CHIKARA in Hellertown, PA
2/06 – IWA East Coast in Charleston, WV
2/09 – CZW in Philadelphia, PA
2/29 – CHIKARA “King of Trios Night 1” in Philadelphia, PA
3/01 – CHIKARA “King of Trios Night 2” in Philadelphia, PA
3/01 – IWA Mid-South’s 500th Show in Joliet, IL
3/02 – CHIKARA “King of Trios Night 3” in Philadelphia, PA
3/08 – CZW in Philadelphia, PA
3/15 – NEW in Torington, CT
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