NWA-3000 Fighting Athletes on 5/9

Steve CorinoNWA3000 Fighting Athletes and
Gold’s Gym of Limerick proudly present
Friday, May 9, 2008
The Loft at Limerick Golf Club
769 Lewis Road
Limerick, PA 19468

8PM bell time

Main Event for the ZERO-ONE United States championship: New champion Dr. X vs. Former champion Sterling James Keenan with a special referee!

On March 8, Sterling James Keenan became the 12th ZERO-ONE United States champion when he defeated Mr. Wrestling 3 Steve Corino in Munhall (Pittsburgh), PA. SJK was expected to not only have a long title reign but also be the face of the new NWA3000 promotion but he hit a mysterious roadblock in the name of Dr.X.
Lets face it, in the 2008 world of professional wrestling a masked wrestler named Dr. X might be considered blah but on March 15 in Morganville, NJ, Dr. X shocked the world by pinning Sterling James Keenan to become the 13th champion.
“I wish I could sit here and tell everyone that I took the match lightly but I know better.” SJK said, “But this guy is not some rookie. He is an evil person hiding behind a mask and not only am I going to rip that mask off his face but I am going to regain the United States championship!”

Dr. X was not impressed. “Mr. Keenan seems to be suffering from a infection of the brain if he thinks that he can regain the ZERO-ONE United States championship from me. I studied the medical history of Mr. Keenan and know his weaknesses and on May 9 I will penetrate his major weakness.”
When asked about the special referee who will be announced next week, Dr. X made a claim that was bizarre. “I do not like mystery and I am not in the practice of this tomfoolery. The National Wrestling Alliance is making a big mistake if they don’t think I will reveal secrets about this special referee if he is bias in any way.”

The Premier tag team titles will be defended as the champions Kid America and Ricky Landell will be challenged by Marcus “KING KONG” Dowling’s charges The Best Around.

The Best Around are quickly making a name for themselves as a top tag team in North America and they would like to add the Premier tag team championship to their mantle sooner then later but they first have to get through the champions.
Kid America, not only co-holder of the Premier tag team championship but co-holder of the B4W tag team titles, chose Ricky Landell to replace The Patriot to be his tag team champion partner when it was revealed that The Patriot would not be competing in NWA3000 but there is more to the story on this controversy later.
We caught up with Kid America and spoke to him about the upcoming title defense, “I really don’t understand why The Patriot was forced to give up his share of the titles but I couldn’t have picked a better partner then Ricky Landell. I have known Ricky since he started training and he is a true throwback. Ricky and I plan on being tag team champions for a long time.”

Mr. Wrestling 3 Steve Corino will be defending the B4W heavyweight title against The Dark Horse Greg Spitz.

What makes this match so interesting is that not only is Corino defending the B4W crown outside of B4W but he is facing a man that he is 0-3 against in the last three years!
“I honestly don’t know what it is about Spitz that screws me up.” Corino said, “But May 9 is the start of not only a new company but a new era. Spitz is going to go down finally.”
When reached Greg Spitz cockily gave us this response; “Unless you are paying me sponsor dollars or one of my many sponsors instruct me to talk to you I will not. And this statement was brought to you by Virgin Mobile.” Huh?

The Legend King Kaluha will take on the very popular youngster Sweet Daddy Ebony.

King Kaluha is known as the Godfather of the Northeast to many wrestlers because of the 25 years he has put into the sport of pro-wrestlers but there is something about the 20 year old Sweet Daddy Ebony that rubs him the wrong way.
“These stupid fans like this guy? And you wonder why wrestling is in the crapper? Sweet Daddy Ebony sounds like a lollipop not a wrestler.” the always opinionated Kaluha said. “I will squash this little kid before people really start to get poisoned by him.”
Little kid? There is nothing little about the 6’5″, 330 lbs Sweet Daddy. “I can’t wait to get to Limerick and boogie woogie with all the great fans, especially the kids! We are going to cheer and dance and smack around that bitter ol’ Court Jester!”

Its 6 man tag team action with The Inner Circle of Tommy Thunda and Denver Street teaming with Tomas Cruz against GPS, Sam Elias, and the return to the ring of Rapid Fire Maldanado!

You want to talk about trouble makers, look no further then the Inner Circle. After making life miserable for good guys in B4W for years, they make their debut in NWA3000 on May 9. Rude, sneaky, and just plain bad The Inner Circle of Thunda and Street know what they have to do to be successful. And they team with a man that claims to be bringing a “spiritual healing” to pro-wrestling in the name of Tomas Cruz. Fans may remember him as Chi Chi Cruz but over the last few years he moved to Los Angeles to practice the teachings of Tom Cruise in the Scientology world. No one knows what to expect out of Tomas Cruz.
The other side features GPS, former B4W heavyweight champion, rookie Sam Elias, and the return of local favorite Rapid Fire Maldanado.
Rapid Fire took a few years off to train for MMA and Boxing but he has come back to his first love, pro-wrestling and we are proud to have him back!

Speaking of MMA, Ricky Reyes has made a open challenge to anyone that wants to fight him in MMA Rules. Reyes said that he wants to show the world how tough he is but using a submit or surrender format. NWA3000 is talking with a few local MMA fighters to see if they will be up to the challenge.

Teddy Fine will face Japan’s Monster C with Ed Uncensored. What is peculiar is that everyone knows that Monster C was Steve Corino in Japan’s Hustle promotion but they replaced him when he left Japan in July of last year. And that is not all. There is a rumor that Ed Uncensored had something to do with The Patriot not being booked. We need to find out what happened here but Teddy Fine has told us that he is looking forward to May 9 and putting The Monster C down. What about Steve Corino’s thoughts? “Imposter and I think it is pretty unprofessional for this Ed Uncensored to use the name that I built. Monster C was a character that I enjoyed but first Hustle puts someone else under the mask and Uncensored brings him in? Stupid if you ask me.”

Tickets are $15 for ringside reserved and general admission is $10 for adults, $5 for kids.

You can order them via PayPal at [email protected] or in person at Gold’s Gym, 70 Buckwalter Road in Limerick, PA. Tickets go on sale this Monday!


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