NWA Pro Wrestling Fusion “Basebrawl 2010”

Courtesy of Alan J. Wojcik – http://alanwojcik.com and OWW Radio
On Saturday March 6th NWA Pro Wrestling Fusion and Wrestling For A Cause presented BASEBRAWL 2010 at the North Tampa Youth Baseball Sports Complex, 6800 N. Rome Avenue, Tampa, FL 33604. The event was a benefit for North Tampa Youth Baseball.

(1)New Japan Pro’s Kazuchika Okada defeated “The Phoenix” Tommy Taylor.

This was Okada’s North American debut and he did not disappoint as went move for move with Taylor in the opening minutes. Neither man got control until Okada got a backheel trip and went to work on the left leg and knee joint. Taylor escaped and Okada retreated to a corner to refigure his attack which began with chest chops that echoed throughout the ball field. Okada took Taylor down into a chinlock submission which Taylor escaped from and he sent Okada to the floor and he followed with a tope’. The chest chopping continued on the floor and back in the ring where Taylor got two. Taylor fired in European style forearm shots but couldn’t avoid an STO from Okada for two. Okada and Taylor traded forearm shots and Okada won when he escaped an attempted suplex into a rollup.

(2) “Big Time” Dwayne James & “Classic” Bobby Buthol (w/”Gentleman” Gene Beard) defeated Michael Patrick & Mickey McCoy.
The rivalry between these factions has been going on for months and James was Buthol’s latest partner in an attempt to gain revenge. Before the match “Gentleman” Gene Beard came out and to the surprise of everyone he didn’t tear into the fans, instead he asked kids to gather around the ring for some money. He ripped a dollar bill in half and handed it off, being a total jerk. Buthol was a bigger one refusing to lock up with Patrick, so he tagged in James who was torn apart by Patrick & McCoy. That offense came to a halt when Patrick took his focus off James and got hit with a clothesline. Patrick was finally worn down enough that Buthol tagged in to the anger of the fans. Patrick survived the attack and after a high knee to James, McCoy tagged in and dragged Buthol over the ropes into the match. But that turned out to be a mistake as Beard and the bodyguard around ringside got involved sending Patrick crashing to the floor and McCoy into a Acecrusher and the loss column.

(3) In an Old School Showdown, “Iceman” Buck Quartermaine defeated “Marvelous” Mike Sullivan.

These two men personified Florida wrestling over the past two decades and tonight they picked up their hatred right where it was left off. The two men traded armbars and headlocks but neither man got control until Quartermaine missed a shoulder tackle to the corner and hit flush with the padding. Sullivan went right to work on the injury using legal and illegal moves. Sullivan switched off and locked in a Boston Crab which Quartermaine tried to fight off. He didn’t submit and actually powered out of the hold. But Sullivan was quick to recover and kicked Quartermaine. Sullivan put Quartermaine on top but got blocked and heabutted back into the ring where Quartermaine hit him with another headbutt. Quartermaine got two as Sullivan draped his leg on the ropes. Both men collided mid ring and beat the ref’s 10 count as Sullivan missed a top rope headbutt. Quartermaine took Sullivan out with a swinging sitout pedigree.

(4) #1 Contenders Match, The Heavenly Bodies (“Casanova” Chris Nelson & “Vivacious” Vito DeNucci) defeated Heartbreak Express (“Superstar” Sean & “Fabulous” Phil Davis)

This match was supposed to include the NWA Florida Tag Team champions the Dark City Fight Club, but due to contractual obligations they could not appear. Instead we got a battle of former World Tag Team champions and that was before the bell even rang as both teams talked on the mic talking trash. The bodies wasted no time in taking it to the Express as the fans called Sean “Shamu.” Nelson waited in the ring as the Express held a private confab ringside. Phil tagged in and demanded DeNucci tag in and he was graced with the “Vivacious” one’s presence. A test of strength was held and Davis ended up on the mat as Nelson snuck in and hit a gut shot as Sean argued with the referee. Sean tried the same trick as Nelson and the referee chatted but he got kicked in the face by DeNucci. The Bodies kept control until Phil raked DeNucci’s eyes and Sean hit a splash for two. The Express used ever dirty trick the Bodies knew and they still got away wit hit as the referee did his job keeping Nelson out of the ring. DeNucci hit Phil with a clothesline but his offense was short lived as the Express kept making quick tags. DeNucci may have been out on his feet but he avoided a corner splash to tag in Nelson. All four men fought in the ring but the Bodies were able to avoid a collision and rollup both Express members to become the #1 contenders.

(5) Francisco Ciatso (w/Pete Cannon & “the Princess of Wrestling” Amy Vitale) defeated The Saint.

Being an arrogant SOB, Ciatso smacked the Saint in the face and to no surprise the Saint shoved Ciatso into a corner. Ciatso tried to chain wrestle but ended up on the canvas in a side headlock. Ciatso escaped only to be hip locked to the mat and he slid out for a conference with the Double Deuce Social Club. Some form of plan seemed to be in place when Ciatso slid back into the ring and it briefly worked thanks to a low blow. Cannon & Vitale joined in the action as Ciatso distracted the referee. Ciatso finally got back to wrestling, taking Saint down in a rear chinlock that nearly got a submission but Saint raised his hand on the third drop. Saint fought to his feet only to be hit with a knee to the gut. Ciatso got greedy and went to the second rope but he missed a splash. The Saint went on the offensive even as Vitale got on the apron to argue. Saint went for a suplex from the ring apron but Cannon tripped the Saint causing Ciatso to fall on top and he got the win as Cannon held the Saint’s feet.

(6) NWA Florida Jr. Heavyweight champion Craig Classic defeated Christopher Gray.

Classic and Gray went through a feeling out process which ended when Gray hit a standing flip into a pin for two. Gray followed with a cross body block for two. Gray tossed Classic to a corner but Classic floated over and hit a forearm smash. Classic hit a running boot to the face just as Gray tried to sit up from the mat. Classic used the five count to his advantage in beating on Gray. Classic hit a Facewash and got two even using the ropes for the pin attempt. Gray got caught in a Dragon Sleeper but Classic let it go to inflict more pain and that was a mistake as Gray hit a dropkick. That seemed to piss Classic off as he got back on the offensive but that cost him as Gray moved and Classic went over the ropes. Gray followed out with a bodyblock that caused both men to try and beat the ten count. Both men made it in with Classic hitting a modified DDT for two. Classic followed with a suplex but he missed a top rope headbutt. Both men got to their feet and traded forearm shots but it was Gray who went up and hit a missile dropkick for two. Classic recovered and hit a series of German suplexes but Gray fought off the fourth attempt with a rollup for two. Gray went for it all but his F5 was countered into a Dragon Sleeper with a body scissor that caused Gray to tap out.

(7) NWA North American Heavyweight champion The Sheik defeated Former WWE/WCW Superstar Big Vito LoGrasso via DQ.

The Sheik is also the Pro Wrestling Fusion Heavyweight champion and NWA Midwest Heavyweight champion and has been demanding a shot at NWA World Heavyweight champion Blue Demon Jr. This was LoGrasso’s Fusion debut and he has the fans full support. The Sheik didn’t care about the fans and he attacked LoGrasso with chops and a choke hold along the ropes. LoGrasso fought back with a hiptoss and the fight went to the outside where LoGrasso tossed the rules out but when they got in the ring, the Sheik took control again using his possibly loaded boots. The abuse went on for several minutes even as LoGrasso fought back. Nothing the Sheik did made LoGrasso to tap out and LoGrasso got on the attack hitting a legdrop for two. The Sheik dumped LoGrasso to the floor and the referee got knocked down in the struggle. The Sheik went to use the championship belt but LoGrasso moved and decked Sheik. The second referee came out and instead of counting the pinfall, called for the bell saying LoGrasso kicked the referee. Therefore the Sheik retained via DQ.

(8) In a Lights Out grudge match, NTYB Alumni Mike Easom defeated Steve Madison.

Per the NWA bylaws, this match was not sanctioned by the organization and to no ones surprise it was a brawl in and out of the ring. Easom held his own with the former NWA Florida Heavyweight champion but Madison used some cheap shots to get control. Madison nearly broke the ring when he suplexed Easom for two. Madison’s top rope trip ended badly when Easom slammed him off. Easom followed with a splash in the corner and powerslam for two. The referee made Easom back up from Madison and it backfired as Madison used brass knuckles to hit Easom. The referee counted the pin and then saw the item on Madison’s hand and called for a restart. Madison promptly nut shotted Easom. For some reason Madison wrapped his cowbell around his neck and went up top, but he missed a move and got pinned after Easom hit an FU.

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