NWS Sends Out Condolences To Ed Chuman

National Wrestling Superstars Sends Out Condolences To National Wrestling Alliance’s Promoter Ed Chuman
NWS management both Gino Moore and Johnny Falco would like to extend their deepest sympathy to the family of the late NWA Midwest promoter Ed Chuman.

Speaking of Ed, both Gino and Falco recall that Ed was one of the very few stand up guys in a loosely joined organization known in pro wrestling as the National Wrestling Alliance, a mere shadow /skeleton of this once mighty nameplate. A current day crop of lack luster gentlemen of some of the most contemptible miseralabla scumbags ever assembled. Ed and a handful of others were always a breath of fresh air. Gino stayed in contact with Ed via the IM trading war stories about the various parasites that have engulfed this business like a dark plague. I myself can remember not too long ago when Ed flew into NJ for the Chris Candido Funeral when in fact it was Ed and Gino who was still considered in and out of the NWA buy the kangaroo court hierarchy that represented the NWA when their so called carpet bagging douchbag that supposedly oversaw NJ and, living mind you, just minutes away, not even showed his face at the funeral, but that’s the kind of guy Ed was…a good guy and likeable man.
In closing, Ed will be missed by what’s left of the core element of good guys left in the NWA and the rest of this cockamamie business.

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