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Sunset Flip Presents: Early Look At WrestleMania
By Jim Boy Star

I was actually struggling to think of something to write about this week on the column. However, then I came across supposedly the WrestleMania 26 card and figured I would write about that. 

There are reports saying Vince McMahon is not happy about the Wrestlemania 26 card and how it is shaping up and I cannot blame him. However, keep in mind that up until March of last year everyone thought Triple H was going to fight Edge for the Smackdown title while Randy Orton fought John Cena and neither of those happened. So hopefully this card I’m about to write about will change a bit.


Triple H vs Sheamus for the WWE title: You read that right. Once again Triple H is going for the World title. I know I say this plenty of times but it must be repeated. Triple H been in his respective brand’s World title match since Wrestlemania X-8 except for Wrestlemania 23 and that is because he was injured. Some people have a problem with Sheamus being tentatively booked as champion going to Wrestlemania as champion but my problem lies in the fact Triple H is taking another unnecessary title match at Wrestlemania. Triple H AND John Cena are both big enough stars where they do not need to be in World title matches at Wrestlemania and their matches will still be considered important. I understand Cena being in a World title match a little more because he is currently the big name for the WWE empire. Either way, this match sucks and I hope it does not happen. Triple H vs Shawn Michaels (no title involved) is more appealing.


Chris Jericho vs Edge for the World Heavyweight championship: This match is one they should keep. The build is there, two big names, and they have not fought recently to my knowledge. Plus both are excellent in ring workers. To be honest, if this goes through, I feel it should end the show.


Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker: One of the highlights for each year’s Wrestlemania is finding out who will try to end the streak. This year, we get a repeat of last year. Yes it was a good match but it was very predictable. I don’t know who would actually think Shawn Michaels would end The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak unless they were on drugs or had WAY too much alcohol when making the statement.


Vince McMahon vs Bret Hart: I could go on and rant about how I feel Bret Hart is destroying his own legacy but I won’t. Instead, I’ll write out this may be the final nail in the coffin. Hart now looks like one of these old timers that can’t seem to let go. Hart is in bad shape and apparently can’t take a shot to the head. Even under street fight rules, this puts him in danger. I don’t want to see this match, if only for the simple reason, I don’t want Bret to DIE. Come on Hitman, is it really worth it?


Randy Orton vs Ted Dibiase Jr.: Without a title on the line, this match means nothing to me. Having Dibiase win the Royal Rumble and make the climb towards immortality at Wrestlemania, that I would care about. Maybe my description is bit over the top but that is how I would sell it.


All in all, except for Jericho vs Edge, this card looks awful. As I mentioned before, this is early predictions and last year is proof that this may, and probably is not, the final card for Wrestlemania


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