Sunset Flip Presents NXT Season 2

Sunset Flip Presents NXT Season 2
By Jim Boy Star

The new season of NXT is upon us. I am going to use this column to give the initial thoughts on NXT’s Season 2 before it actually begins.

Pro: Cody Rhodes
Rookie: Husky Harris
Thoughts: Not sure what to think of Cody Rhodes being considered a pro, if only because I feel he does not have enough experience. He definitely does not have enough experience compared to guys from season one like Chris Jericho and Christian. Hopefully things work out and in Cody’s defense, this will make sure that WWE creative does not forget about him.

Pro: John Morrison
Rookie: Eli Cotton

Thoughts: If I were Eli Cotton, I would hate my name. Obviously, since this show has not started, I cannot really rate wrestlers’ in ring abilities. With that in mind, I think John Morrison is going to be a good pro. I hope if Eli Cotton wins, a name change for the main roster is in his future.

Pro: MVP
Rookie: Percy Watson

Thoughts: MVP should make a decent pro. Not much thought on Percy Watson. Basicaly, let’s see where things go from there.

Pro: Zack Ryder
Rookie: Titus O Neil

Thoughts: Anyone that listens to the Sunset Flip Wrestling Show, knows that Zack Ryder is one of my favorite current wrestlers. So I think Zack Ryder is an AWESOME pro. Woo woo woo. You know it!

Pro: Michelle McCool and Layla
Rookie: Kaval

Thoughts: From the best (Ryder) to the worst (women in WWE). Kaval is very well known. McCool and Layla are both awful in the ring. Kaval is great in the ring. The comparison are night and day. The only thing anyone can learn from Michelle McCool and Layla (or any of the WWE Divas) is how to botch 3 moves within 3 minutes. Kaval, undoubtably, has the hardest climb of all the rookies. I just hope one day I can see Kaval kick both McCool and Layla aka Poor Man’s Version of The Beautiful People.

Pro: Mark Henry
Rookie: Lucky Cannon
Thoughts: Say what you will about Mark Henry, but out of all the pros, he has been in WWE/WWF the longest out of all the pros. I call him Mark “Excitement” Henry and I hope he brings some of that excitement to NXT. God knows, sometimes that show needs it.

Pro: Kofi Kingston
Rookie: Michael McGuillicutty
Thoughts: Much like Cody, I think Kofi is too new to be a pro. However, much like Morrison, I think he will be decent because he held major singles championships and in WWE. I always liked Kingston since Mike Adamle yelled “Jamaican me crazy!” so it’s good to see Kofi back on Tuesday nights.

Pro: The Miz
Rookie: Alex Reily

Thoughts: without a doubt, the advantage for the whole season is going to Alex Reily. The reason is because the Miz is the only Pro this season, that was on the last season. He knows what NXT is about. He has experience and should be considered by most as the odds on favorite.
So get ready for NXT season 2. I will be using this column to rank the rookies myself. Every 2-3 weeks, the column will be dedicated to NXT. So check back and follow NXT with me.

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