Sunset Flip: Options for Shane McMahon

Sunset Flip Presents: Options of Shane McMahon
By Jim Boy Star

The big story in the news this week is regarding Shane McMahon leaving World Wrestling Entertainment as of Jan. 1st 2010.

This is a big loss for the company because this is the 2nd member of the McMahon family leaving the company to pursue other opportunities. Linda McMahon is running for Senate and now Shane will be doing something else. I wanted to take this time to go over the options of Shane McMahon and how likely each of them seem to be.


The first option, and in my opinion, the most likely option is that Shane McMahon goes on to start an MMA company. It has been noted Shane McMahon is a big fan of MMA and has wanted wrestling to go more in the route of “realism”, if that makes much sense. Shane certainly has the money to back an MMA promotion and I assume, since he is a fan of MMA, that he did his research on the aspects of that business.


However, there is a big problem with this new adventure for Shane McMahon and that is his name. The name McMahon is synonymous with pro wrestling. The reason Shane’s MMA promotion will probably fail is because the media never takes anything they feel is associated with pro wrestling seriously. Think of all the projects outside of pro wrestling that either failed or never got off the ground. The XFL, WWE NY, WWE Films, WWE’s music label, and a WWE casino. Let us not forget, these projects were taking place during or around one of the most successful times in pro wrestling history and they still were not successful.


Now you have Shane McMahon wanting to do an outside venture, in arguably one of pro wrestling lowest times (in quality). So, as I said, this is the most likely and I also think its likely to fail. I wish him the best, but if the past has taught us anything, this project will be torn down by the so-called “sports media”.


Another option is Shane McMahon buys TNA. I don’t think this is a likely option, but it’s not impossible. I also feel this option is something every pro wrestling would like to see happen. TNA would have a good head manager and ready with ideas that differ from Vince and Stephanie’s. It has been said Shane’s image to pro wrestling is different than his father’s or idiot sister’s vision. This can only be a good thing.


The problem with this option is that I’m not aware if Shane still have stocks within WWE. If he does, he would definitely not want to go against himself. If he decides to get rid of his stocks with WWE to completely distance himself from the company (which he should if he goes the MMA route), then I see the TNA or even ROH option, to be a bit higher.


The final option for Shane McMahon is to help Linda McMahon with her quest to the Senate. This is the least likely due to the fact I think the rumor has already been dismissed. So you may ask yourself “If you dismissed it, how can it be an option?”. When dealing with politics, one should know there is always a way to sneak around for some extra help. Just because people say he will not help his mother, does not mean that will not happen. Politics, in general, are as dirty as it comes and that in itself is a reason for that to be an option.


So those are the options of Shane McMahon. Some people feel that eventually he is going to go back to WWE. I agree, and even more so, if his future project fails.


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Jim Boy Star

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