OWW’s This Week in Wrestling – March 12, 2013


Great Canadian Wrestling – Game Over 13

March 2, 2013

Bruno Davis defeated Tomer Salom to become #1 contender to GCW Brass Knuckles championship.

JK 47 pinned Amazing Darkstone.

R.J. City retained the GCW Canadian National Championship defeating Paul Starr.

Hornet came out and challenged City to a match. R.J. City retained the GCW Canadian National Championship with a sleeper after ramming Hornet into an exposured turnbuckle.

Shawn Spears and Crazy Steve (sub for Robbie E) defeated The Pissbeaters, Antony Darko and Jake O’Reilly via disqualification. O’Reilly low blowed Spears.

Sabrina Kyle defeated “Anti Diva” Katlin Diamond.

“Highlander” Robbie McAllister defeated “Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva to become #1 contender to GCW Canadian National Championship.


March 2, 2013

VsK defeated Bolo Yung w/ a moonsault.

“The Boss” Mike Tartaglia & Little Mikey w/ “Fitness Guru” Scott Wright beat “Hitman” Tony Stetson & Kid USA.

ECWA Mid-Atlantic Title Match: Ricky “the Model” Martinez (champion) w/Keri beat Danny E via DQ.

NO DQ Match: Damian Dragon beat Matt Saigon w/Joel Blackhart w/ an Ace Crusher on a chair to retain his Super 8 spot on April 13th!

“Fitness Guru” Scott Wright w/ “The Boss” Mike Tartaglia beat Mr Ooh La La w/ Coach Jim Shorts.

ECWA Unified Tag Team Title Match: “ECWA Dream Team” Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian & Aden Chambers (champion) defeated “Order of the Black” Apollyon & Rex Lawless w/Joel Blackhart.

“Greek God” Papadon & Bobby Shields beat the MONSTER AHTU & Breaker Morant w/ Joel Blackhart when Shields pinned Morant after a 450 splash.

ECWA Unified Heavyweight Title Match, 30 MIN IRON MAN MATCH: Josh Daniels (champion) w/ Joel Blackhart defeated “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde 2 falls to 1(First fall: Daniels made Wylde tap, second fall Wylde pinned Daniels w/ a superkick and third fall Daniels pinned Wylde by bridging back while in Wylde’s Tazzmission finisher for a pinfall w/ only one second remaining)

Powerslam Wrestling Extreme

March 2, 2013

Flatliner Matt Burns def. John Greed by DQ.

Notorious T.I.D demolished Jaze Hart.

Custom Markus Ryan def. RJ City.

Asylum def. D-Man.

In an impromtu challenge, The Flatliners def. Greed and D-Man.

Hornet succesfully defended the PWE championship by def. Ruffy Silverstein via DQ

NAWA Big Time Pro Wrestling

March 3, 2013

Billy Club beat Chris Cross, Li Fang and Tejano Kid in a four-way elimination match

Joe Angelo Garcia & Corey Saturn beat tag champions Doberman & Big John Famous in a Texas Tornado – I Quit match to win the belts

Texas champion Nobe Bryant beat Cowboy Adam

Big Zack Jackson a 15-man Battle Royal.

Deathproof Wrestling

March 3, 2013

The Weapons of Anarchy beat Sabre and Preston Myles

White Trash Matt Cash won a four-way Three Levels of Pain match. The first elimination came when Steve Brown put Buck Gunderson through a table. JK-47 was the next to go, losing the First Blood stipulation when he was opened up by Cash with a steel chair. Cash won the match by submitting Brown.

Joey Kings beat his former partner Sycho Mike Rollins.

PD Flex won an Extreme Challenge contest over Jesse F’n Amato and Deathproof Champion Warhed. The contest saw three rounds – each one had to self-inflict punishment using an electric fly swatter followed by a staple gun and finally a mousetrap. Flex won the contest that was voted by fans who were impressed by him licking the fly swatter and getting shocked, and snapping the mousetrap on his genitals. The winner got a title shot, while the losers had to face one another – meaning this led to a three-way dance for the title in the main event.

In the best wrestling match of the night, El Hildo d’El Vigote beat John Greed.

Warhed retained his Deathproof Championship in a Falls Count Anywhere No Rules triple threat match against PD Flex and Jesse F’n Amato. Lots of weapons in this bloody affair, including paint rollers covered with thumbtacks pointed outwards, chairs, and barbed wire. Highlight moments saw Warhed and Flex swing Amato off the stage and through a barbed wire coiled table on the floor, and then Warhed hitting a superfly splash off the apron onto Amato on the broken table. The end saw Warhed hit Flex with a Death Valley Driver onto a bridge of tack-covered chairs, and then he rolled him onto a sea of thousands of tacks where he pinned him.


March 4, 2013

Espiritu Maligno & Fuerza Chicana beat Centauro de Fuego & Siki Osama Jr.

La Seductora/La Vaquerita/Zeuxis defeated Dalis la Caribena/Lady Afrodita/Luna Magica

Fuego/Sagrado/Stuka Jr. beat Arkangel de la Muerte/Hooligan/Vangelis

Lightning Match: Shigeo Okumura defeated Rey Cometa after a foule.

La Peste Negra (Felino/Negro Casas/Mr. Niebla) beat Diamante Azul/Hijo del Fantasma/Mascara Dorada

Atlantis/La Sombra/Thunder defeated Euforia/Ultimo Guerrero/Volador Jr. by DQ when Volador ripped off Sombra’s mask.

March 5, 2013

Black Metal & Sky Kid beat In Memoriam & Sadico by DQ.

Nitro & Rafaga defeated Starman & Stigma when Rafaga pinned Starman after Nitro pinned him.

Diamante/Fuego/Triton beat Escandalo/Raziel/Sangre Azteca with Escandalo & Raziel brawling afterwards.

Occidental Middleweight Title: El Barbaro Cavernario defeated Esfinge to retain his title.

La Triada del Terror (Averno/Ephesto/Mephisto) beat Angel de Oro/Delta/Hijo del Fantasma

Marco Corleone/Rush/Thunder defeated Damian el Terrible/Euforia/Ultimo Guerrero with Thunder going over Terrible clean.

GOUGE Presents Redneck Rumble

March 8, 2013

Seymour Snott won Redneck Rumble last eliminating Damien Wayne

Otto Schwanz w/ Admir Al Akbar beat James Anthony

Fabulous Frankie & Luscious Lance beat Chalupa Libre (handicap match)

Sean Alexander w/ Rusty Allen beat Trailer Park Heat (afterward Heat retired from wrestling)

Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. beat Damien Wayne w/ Count Grog via DQ to win North Carolina Title (prematch stipulation allowed titles changes on DQ’s or count outs)

GOUGE Champion Mickey Gambino w/ Count Grog pinned Seymour Snott w/ outside interference from Damien Wayne


March 9, 2013

HeadRush beat King Junior Reyes

Luscious Lance beat The Goat

Otto Schwanz w/ Admir Al Akbar beat Fabulous Frankie

The Krazy Killer Klowns (GOUGE tag Champs) beat Chief War Eagle & Chris Nemesis

NC Champ Jimmy Jack Funk Jr beat Chalupa Libre

GOUGE Champ Mickey Gambino w/ Count Grog beat Seymour Snott

Fringe Wrestling

Wrestling For Rob

March 8, 2013

Battle Royal-Winner Advances To Four Way Later In The Evening

Buck Gunderson outlasted Rob Rage, Josh Rogen, Pajaro, Ashe Draven, Preston Myles, El Bigote and Tomer Shalom

Adrian Anarcho & Kingdoms Orion defeated Timothy Krane & Josh Rogen and Pajaro & JK-47 in a Three Way Tag Team Match.

NOTE(s): This match originally was scheduled to be Anarcho/Orion vs. JK/Krane. However Rogen & Pajaro demanded to be added, which then led to Krane and Rogen dropping their partners in favour of teaming together.

Danny Magnum pinned Steve Brown

“Bloody” Bill Skullion & Voodoo Drew defeated Matt Cash & “Warhed”

Scotty O’Shea defeated Buck Gunderson, Eric Cairnie and Johnny Wave

Tomer Shalom defeated Jodi D’Milo and Jewells Malone

NOTE(s)-Originally a ladies match, Shalom came to the ring and demanded that the women cover up. After getting progressively angry and physically provoking D’Milo, the ladies attacked Shalom and insisted he be added to the match.

Asylum pinned RJ City

Coastal Pro Wrestling

March 9, 2013

Braydon Knight defeated Kevin “Mister” Tibbs, “The Underground” Jael Rose, and Josh “Absolute” Adams to become the number one contender for the Coastal Iron Man title.  After the match, all the competitors were attacked by former Force 1 workers Ryan Slater, Jon Dahmer, and Johnny Calzone.  Commissioner Phil Varlese demanded they leave the building.

“The Heretic” Bobby Youngblood was scheduled to face “Second to None” Alex Anthony, but Anthony was unable to appear.  Yougblood demanded that ring announcer Daisy Murder declare him the winner, but Ty Hagen came out to challenge.  Youngblood said that Hagen was unworthy to wrestle him, but he had someone who would wrestle Hagen, and “The Nemesis” Damien Alexander came to the ring.  Hagen said why not make it a tag match, since he also had someone in back, and brought out Vicious Vince Ceres.  The team of Hagen & Ceres defeated Youngblood & Alexander.  After the match, Alexander attacked his own partner and gave him “The Autopsy” leaving him in the ring.  After the match, Youngblood gave an emotional speech and announced his retirement.

Coastal Iron Man champion Ricky Reyes defeated “The American Psycho” Alex Payne via submission, but was attacked by this renegade group who said they want to be known as “The 4ce”.  Heavyweight Champion Biggie Biggs came to Reyes’ aid and cleared the ring.

In a back & forth hard fought women’s match, Veda Scott defeated Kylie Pierce, with “Pryme Tyme” Amy Lee as guest referee.

In the main event, Biggie Biggs defeated French-Canadian star Edouard Gillette.  Again, after the match Biggs was attacked by The 4ce.  This time, the entire Coastal roster emerged to confront them.  Commissioner Varlese then informed the group that he intends to add them to the next Coastal show in Hammonton on April 27th, where he will make them pay for their transgressions.  More details on this upcoming show will follow.

East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) LIVE!


March 16, 2013



ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion Ricky “the Model” Martinez w/ Keri vs. VsK vs. 1/2 of ECWA Unified Tag Team Champions Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian vs. Apollyon w/ Joel Blackhart

Heart Killer” Chris Wylde* vs. MONSTER AHTU w/ Joel Blackhart

Damian Dragon vs. Breaker Morant w/ Joel Blackhart

Danny E vs. “Vietnam Phenom” Matt Saigon w/ Joel Blackhart



Making his ECWA debut Kenny Phoenix vs. Little Mikey w/ “the BOSS” Mike Tartaglia

Making his ECWA debut “Reckless” Donnie Hart vs. Kid USA.

World’s Best Wrestling

March 16, 2013

Flash Fury vs. Brutal Bellman in a Northern Heritage Title match

“Your Reality” C.O. Hustler vs. “The Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson

“American Made” Jason Legend & Ranger Bob take on WBW Champion, “The Big Man From Iran” Tyson Rogers & “The Mastermind” V.L. Stricklett w/Wrestle Ohio‘s Sara Stricklett

Also scheduled to appear are Eclipso, Papa Dingo, “Lil Hulk” Jake Ashworth, Dude Rock, Sharon Rock, Grizzly Monsoon, “Big Kahuna” Kenny Lucas, Loony, Tejo Kahn, Aaron McCormick w/Jeremiah Young, Pompano Joe, and the WBW debut of “Die Hard” Tom McClane.

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