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As of this past weekend, Buff Bagwell is the NEW APW Heavyweight champion!  On Saturday March 9, 2013, American Premier Wrestling presented ‘Brawl VI’.  Results are shown below:

  • SARGE beat El Diablo and the Texas Psycho in a dark match.
  • San Francisco Treat pinned OVI JUAN.
  • The COWBOY Jeremy Young beat “Wildfire” Tommy Rich.
  • Team FORWARD, Hammer Obama and Eric Glamour beat the VULCAN and General MILLS to retain the APW Tag-team titles.
  • A Legends, Mr. Wrestling I (Ray Classens) greeted the crowd (along with his daughter Anne).
  • CUJO’, Brother Love, Ovi Juan, and the San Francisco Treat beat Eric Glamour, Hammer Obama, SARGE, and General Mills.
  • Main Event: Buff Bagwell beat Cowboy Jeremy Young to become the *NEW* APW Heavyweight champion.

buff photo 4

Editor’s note: Buff Bagwell will be a guest on this week’s ‘OWW Radio’. The episode will be posted on Friday March 15, 2013.