OWW’s This Week in Wrestling – March 7, 2014

TWIWOWW’s This Week in Wrestling – March 7, 2014

NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling

February 21, 2014  

Juicy Jimmy Fletcher def. Gator McAllister

T. Falk def. Jordan Kage

Ox Harley def. Mikey Watkins

Miss Rachael def. Jessicka Havok

Lance Erikson def. Andrew Hunter

Team IOU (Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful) def. Shock N’ Awe (TNT Mottley and Ali Shabbaz)

Kevin Weatherby won the main event battle royal

RightCoastPro Wrestling “Elements of Chance” Results

February 22, 2014

Bazooka Joe retains Championship over Joey Silver

“Self-Made” Michael Blake loses the “Spin The Wheel” match to Chris “The Show” Steeler in which the stipulation was LOSER LEAVES RCP!

Pedro Duro wins the “Bowtie On A Pole” match over Mozart Fontaine that turned into a lumberjack match with Mexican Luchadores vs RCP wrestlers

“God’s Gift” Aaron Stride wins over Courageous Cruz

Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush wins over Francis Kipland Stevens

“Valedictorian” Billy Bax wins over Colton Quest

“Dirty” Sonny Deeds and Erik Chapel go to a double DQ for both men pushing the referee in a heated battle

Debuting Jason Gotti, Alvin Alvarez and last minute substitute Chris “The Show” Steeler take the win over “Mr Upgrade” Mike Reed, Nick Sohlo and Harry M Baldwin

GOUGE presents Brunch of Champions

February 22, 2014  

Eskimo Joe beat Mecha Mercan Ary

Otto Schwanz w/ Admir Al Akbar beat Masked Magician

Spaceman Frank Hickey Memorial Scientific Rasslin Trophy champ-Seymour Snott beat Timmy Lou Retton w/ Oleg Korbit

Man Scout Jake Manning beat TK Stark

GOUGE tag Champs- Krazy Killer Klowns beat Pat Powers & Zebadiah Munson w/ Admir Al Akbar

Alas De Angel & Dragoon Quetzal beat Nilo & El Chaco

GOUGE Champ Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. beat Ulrich Von Vorse


February 22, 2014

Stryknyn def Anthony Henry with Miss Rachael

Kevin Blue & Brandon Parker def Kameron Kade & Vandal

Steven Walters def Mike Posey  It looked like Posey had pinned Walters when Seth Delay came to ringside to tell ref Dee Byers that Walters had his foot on the ropes.  Franklin Dove came out and confirmed the fact and Byers restarted the match.  Postmatch Delay, Walters & Dove entertained the fans with a “Sexy Party” dance over the body of Posey.

Jeff G Bailey & Young Lions Champion, Shaun Tempers came out and Bailey said that #1 contender Ace Rockwell was not there to face the most decorated champion in Anarchy history, and that he was basically afraid of losing to tempers.  Tempers then announced that to challenge him for the Young Lions title, challengers would need to be former Anarchy champions themselves.  He said he would not be a stepping stone for some young guy looking for a fluke win to get his big break in wrestling.  That brought out Slim J who reminded Bailey & Tempers that he too was a Grand Slam champion, having won all Anarchy Titles.  Former TV Champion, Bobby Moore came out and said he was the true #1 contender having been screwed in the match with Rockwell.  Bailey said Slim J and Moore could work this out on their own, leading to Slim J def Bobby Moore with Tempers on commentary.  Postmatch Tempers came to ringside with the belt and displayed it to Slim J.  As he did Moore came up behind Slim J and downed him with the loaded elbow.  Slim J was carried to the back.

Miss Rachael came to the ring with BJ Hancock & Joey Rhymer.  Rhymer was carrying signs with various slogans, pro BJ and Anti Todd Sexton.   Rachael said she knew fans were concerned that the 5 star King, Mr. Match Of The Night, Anthony Henry had been losing lately and compared Henry to Tim Tebow, another great athlete who had setback but then she’d said bounced back better than ever.  She looked at Hancock who shook his head indicating “no”.  Rachael said regardless Henry would bounce back and that she was excited that on March 22, a true winner, the “Best Wrestler In Georgia”  (Shane Marx) was returning.  BJ Hancock with Rhymer & Rachel’s help def Brody Chase.  Postmatch Chase had Joey Rhymer by the throat and was jumped by Hancock who set him up for a piledriver.  Lars Manderson & Alex Avgerinos hit the ring and ran off Rachael’s group.

Anarchy Tag Team Champions, Washington Bullets (Jon & Trey Williams) def Jeremy Foster and Mikey Watkins.  Postmatch Nemesis & Shadow came to the ring and challenged the Bullets to a title match/.  Bullets said no and left the ring.  Stryknyn came through the front door and attacked both Nemesis & Jackson, who the previous TV taping had further injurred Dany Only’s ankle.  UAS was able to take Stryknyn down and brought chairs into the ring to injure him as they had Only but Kevin Blue & Brandon Parker were able to stop that from happening.

Billy Buck retained the TV Title def John Skyler.

In the Main Event Iceberg & Anarchy Champion, Michael Judas def Se7en with Jeff G Bailey & Geter.  Geter & Se7en were barely cooperating during the match and the match ended when Geter demanded Se7en tag him in and instead of tagging headbutted Se7en who staggered into Iceberg’s belly to belly suplex and was pinned as Geter headed up the ramp.  Postmatch it was announced that Judas would defend the Anarchy title on March 8 against Iceberg, an announcement that clearly caught the crowd, Se7en, Bailey, Geter, Icebery & Judas off guard.

NWA Ark-La-Tex Results

February 22, 2014

Nobe Bryant beat Ashton Jacobs

Black Bart Jr. beat Jamie Holley

Ark-La-Tex Champion Scott Putski beat Killer McKenzie

300-lb Manimal beat Hank James via reverse decision

Bree Ann beat Diamond Icee

North American Champion Tokyo Monster Kahagas and Alex Porteau fought to a no contest

Kahagas & Putski beat McKenzie & Porteau.

HPW Wrestling


March 1, 2014

Hillbilly Jed pinned The Wicked Clown

Sever pinned Fiji Wildman

Troy Van Zant pinned Tom Van Zant to keep the HPW Tri-State Title

Cousin Cooter pinned Big Mike

Lylah Lodge pinned Camron Star

8 Bit Punks beat Dash Venture & Demarcus James to become the New HPW Tag Champs

Main Event

The Zombie Rob Ramer, Donny Idol & the returning Ricky Ruckus beat “Ironman” Rob Conway, TJ Kemp & JKO in great main event that had the packed house fired up with the action as Zombie pinned JKO for the win!

RWC results

March 1, 2014

Tito Reigns, Anime Kid & Krazyhorse def. Syde Effect, Jason Steele & ???

Ricky Cruz pinned Pat Powers

RWC No Limitz Champion Diego Vasquez def. Chance LeBeau

D’Arcy Dixon def Mia Svensson in a RWC Contract on a pole/ Loser leaves RWC Match

RWC World Heavyweight Champion Hangtyme def. Urlich Von Vorse

NAWA Big Time Pro Wrestling Results

March 1, 2014

Widowmaker beat Bulldozer and Copycat in a Triple Threat match

Randy Wayne beat Tejano Kid

Joe Angelo Garcia & Cowboy Adam beat tag champs Doberman & Big John Famous to win the belts

Big Zach Attack beat NAWA Champion Nobe Bryant to win the belt

Garcia won a Battle Royal.

ECWA Spring Battle III

March 1, 2014

Ricky Martinez defeats Papadon via a Back Stabber

Team CK defeats Azrieal & Rob Vegas via Super Kick-Powerslam combo

Bobby Shields defeats Little Mikey via the Body Bomb

Heavyweight Championship Determiner(whoever gets the pin gets in the match)- Breaker Morant & Apollyon defeat Matt Saigon & Bolo Yung via Cutter Driver

Mark Harro defeats Chris Wylde via DQ after Wylde attacks him with a chain

Renee Michelle & Phil Sly w/Sly’s lawyer defeat Jessie Kaye & John Finegan via a briefcase shot to the head

Meisure Ooh La La vs. Napalm Bomb would turn into Napalm Bomb vs. Matt Saigon after Saigon attacks Ooh La La from behind. Napalm Bomb w/ Joel Blackhart defeats Matt Saigon

D-Line defeats Legion of Destruction( Ahtu & Solo) w/ Joel Blackhart via the football spear

EXTREME RISING HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Luke Hawx defeats Stevie Richards to become the NEW Extreme Rising champion via a blockbuster off the top rope

15 man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal to determine the last spot in the Super 8 Tournament- winner and number 8 in the Super 8 field…. MATT SAIGON

Brew City Wrestling

March 14, 2014

Last Man Standing Match

Brew City Wrestling Heritage Championship

“Pornstache” Peter Schwanz (C) -vs- “Last Real Man” Silas Young

“Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce  -vs- “Psychotic” Jim Blaze

Former BCB Members Collide!

Brandon Blaze w/ JP -vs- Nick Colucci

Brew City Wrestling Ladies Championship

Melanie Cruise(C) -vs- Stacy Shadows

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