We are just hours away from the final PRIME Wrestling event of 2012! It all takes place this Friday, December 7 at 8pm at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, 6928 Detroit Rd, Cleveland, Ohio! This will be a national television taping so bring your sign & be prepared to be enthusiastic and become television stars! Tickets are still available in our “Store” for as low as $10, and will also be available as you arrive to the building, though advance ticket orders will be given preferential treatment. Get ready for nearly three hours of a live event experience like no other!

Final card…


Johnny Gargano has been a target of the Dead Wrestling Society since he regained the PRIME Championship at Wrestlelution 5, and rumors have strongly stated the two are on a collision course. Krimson, along with Gory & Kirst, assaulted “The Man Beast” Rhino after a recent match-up and now have “The Whole Shebang” in their cross-hairs. Gory has only become more vicious and bloodthirsty this year, recently taking Matt Cross to his limit in an instant classic on television. Gory is no doubt there to send a clear-cut message to Gargano from the entire DWS. Whether Gory is able to defeat Gargano, or merely soften him up for “The Embodiment of Evil”, Gargano’s well-being is in jeopardy when he enters this battle.



Earlier this year, N8 Mattson got inside the head of inspirational one-legged superstar Zach Gowen, convincing Zach that Gregory Iron, the “Handicapped Hero” who idolized Zach, was stealing Zach’s thunder and spotlight, thus hurting Zach’s career. Zach was momentarily entrapped under the spell of “Amazing” N8 but a breathtaking performance of guts & heart from Greg against Zach in their Wrestlelution 5 match helped Zach remember the respect and love he had for his friend, and Gowen soon re-united with Greg. N8 retaliated by master-minding a sneak-attack on Zach in their native Michigan, which has kept Gowen away from PRIME rings for several weeks. However, the “One Legged Wonder” is ready to return and finally team with Gregory Iron once again, and with major stakes, as the winners will become top contenders for the PRIME Tag Titles! Can N8 Mattson prove Zach & Greg to be nothing more than freaks & outcasts or can the newly-dubbed “Handicapped Handguns” get back to defying the odds and inspiring the world one victory at a time?

“Embodiment of Evil” KRIMSON vs. BOBBY BEVERLY

Stemming from an altercation involving Justin LaBar & Aaron Maguire in a boardroom meeting comes this late-in-the-game change that is sure to have major ramifications across the board in the PRIME Wrestling singles division. Krimson has made it very obvious since the start of the season his focus is once again on the DWS capturing PRIME’s top prize, the PRIME Championship, making Johnny Gargano an instant target. Krimson & his minions have already eradicated Rhino from the championship picture. Beverly has also stated his intentions of becoming PRIME Champion now that he is on his own. Who will get a victory, a presumably an all-access pass to an inevitable title opportunity?

“True Talent” BOBBY SHIELDS vs. “Hot Commodity” MATT MASON

A couple of months ago, a rejuvenated Matt Mason, motivated by the reunion of his family, stepped into battle against a very disheveled and despondent Bobby Shields, fresh off of a forced haircut that changed his entire demeanor and outlook on life. With Mason mounting momentum as the bout went on, Shields went for a blatant cheap shot to get himself intentionally disqualified by delivering a low blow… and showed no remorse from it. Now this more aggressive than ever Shields, and more focused than ever Mason do battle in a return match!

“M-Dogg 20” MATT CROSS vs. KIRST

“The Innovator of Aerial Insanity” has been vocal in his distrust and dislike for the Aaron Maguire/Vic Travagliante regime of Megalomaniacs as they’ve come to be known, but one man who may be even more dangerous than that grouping is the “Demonic Disciple” of the DWS Kirst! The current tag champ has ended the PRIME careers of numerous stars – Hobo Joe, Flip Kendrick, Dan Arkham, Matthew Justice, and most recently Mr. RBI Izeah Bonds who he sidelined with a severe concussion – just like Kirst had done to Gregory Iron, a nearly life-ending incident, this past summer. Kirst’s only pleasure comes from inflicting pain, and he could add a 2-time former champion to his list of casualties, meanwhile Cross can demonstrate to the Megalomaniacs the passion, desire and athleticism that PRIME Wrestling was built on, not the boardroom politics.

“Megastar” MARION FONTAINE & JEREMY MADROX w/Vic vs. “World’s Most Huggable Wrestler” BRYAN CASTLE & THOMAS ADAMS

The official tag team debut of the distant cousins – Fontaine & Madrox – the amply mustachioed duo that they are, will take place against the new tag team of Castle & Adams. Castle is currently in search of a new partner after a recent serious injury shelved “BatDan” Arkham indefinitely. Can young Thomas Adams rise to the challenge against a former PRIME Champion and his undefeated relative?


One of the most unsettling incidents in recent months has been the emergence of Rickey Shane Page, a long-time successful wrestler who never competed prominently in PRIME Wrestling due to concerns about his mental health and danger to himself and others. Ignoring the liability factor and well-being of everyone, Aaron Maguire has signed RSP to be the muscle behind the Megalomaniac mouth. Young Aiden Veil has been on PRIME TV once before, and the young ex-drummer in a rock band is set to make sure that he will be the one to take center stage in this encounter. After being arrested and escorted out by police last time, what frame(s) of mind will the unstable Rickey Shane Page be in this Friday?


Before his championship match with Johnny Gargano, Gory has demanded what he may consider an appetizer to the main course, in the form of a match with Louis Lyndon. The capoeira expert and former tag team champion Lyndon has had a big year, taking then-PRIME Champion Jimmy Jacobs to his limit and also pinning none other than Krimson. Lyndon is far from a tune-up and will be prepared for a war this Friday!

Special Appearance by PRIME Wrestling TV Champion MICHAEL FACADE
The “Neon Ninja” suffered a broken bone in his foot this past month at the “Extreme Rising” iPPV in Monaca, PA during a wild hardcore lucha libre war. While Facade has petitioned to compete through the pain and defend his TV Title, doctors have ordered him sidelined. Facade, however, will still be on hand to meet with fans and address the TV Title picture in PRIME Wrestling!

Plus: “The Ballistic Missile” Jay Flash will be in action and you will see special live dance performances by area kids dance troupes during our intermissions!

You do not want to miss the event that will end 2012 with a bang and lead us into a very eventful and history-making 2013 for PRIME Wrestling! Click on our “Store” in the above menu and reserve your tickets now to be admitted into the door first! Be a part of PRIME TV LIVE!


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