Professional Championship Wrestling Results 07/14/07


  • Canyon beat Gregory Symonds
  • Mace Malone beat Angel Of Sinn
  • The Dark Circle (Apocalypse & Tim Storm) beat Best Friends Forever (Aaron Eagle & Robert Evans) to retain the PCW Tag Team belts
  • Colossus beat Action Jackson in a Roman Gladiator Match to retain the PCW Television belt
  • Brett Idol beat James Johnson in a Bussey Lumberjack Match
  • Wally Darkmon vs. Mike Foxx was declared a no-contest, and the PCW Heavyweight Belt was held up

The following, except for the dark matches, was taped for airing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on the Lone Star Channel, as well as worldwide distribution via SmartVideo and release on DVD, with Ring Announcer Travis Baxter, TV Commentators Rob Moore and Attorney-At-Law Paul Lewis and one of the PCW Knockouts.

“The HARDCORE LEGEND” CANYON beat GREGORY SYMONDS by pinfall with a combination over-the-shoulder gutbuster/facebuster move

All three of the Dark Circle came out, and Tim Storm said that the PCW World Heavyweight Title would be coming home to the Dark Circle. Mike Foxx and his Faithful, Angel of Sinn, Colossus and Claudia, came out and got nose-to-nose with Apocalypse, Storm and Franco D’Angelo as Foxx said Storm should be more concerned about keeping the PCW World Tag Team belts, because, later, Foxx would beat Wally Darkmon to become the Heavyweight Champion and bring the belt to the Promised Land. A brief staredown led into an all-out brawl between the two factions, with Claudia scurrying for the safety of ringside.
The lights went out. When they came back on, Wally Darkmon, Action Jackson, Mace Malone and the Best Friends Forever, Aaron Eagle & Robert Evans, were cleaning house on the Faithful and the Dark Circle. Jackson grabbed the mic and said that Darkmon would keep the World Title, the BFF would win the tag belts, and he himself would beat the giant Colossus for the TV Title.

MACE MALONE beat ANGEL OF SINN by pinfall with the Detonator (three-step
–Malone came in still wanting revenge for what Foxx and the Faithful had done to his mentor, Jackson, particularly Foxx burning Jackson at Shock & Awe. He gained a measure of that revenge with a win over one of Foxx’s unholy “angels.”

Champions The DARK CIRCLE (Apocalypse & Tim Storm) (w/ Franco D’Angelo) beat The BEST FRIENDS FOREVER (Aaron Eagle & Robert Evans) (w/ Viktor Tadlock) by pinfall to retain the belts –After the official introductions, Evans introduced his team’s official second, Tadlock, the newly crowned two-time PCW Uncut Champion, to counteract D’Angelo. “The Beast,” though, interfered several times, staying a step ahead of Tadlock. The Circle concentrated much of their attack on Eagle, with Storm still upset over Eagle snubbing his recruitment efforts.
Evans finally tagged in; meanwhile, D’Angelo interfered one time too many, and Tadlock attacked him and fought him all the way to the back. Back in the ring, with Eagle temporarily out of the way, Storm and Apoc gave Evans a double-team maneuver of a stunner from a wheelbarrow suplex position, and Storm got the 1-2-3 to keep the titles in Circle possession.

ACTION JACKSON by pinfall with a chokeslam to retain the belt –All kinds of weapons were scattered in and out of the ring, including chairs, barrels, a barbed wire 2X4, a ladder, a baseball bat covered in thumbtacks, and more. All were legal, and that was evident as Colossus literally drew first blood, and lots of it, from Jackson. Jackson, though, turned things around and bloodied the 7’2″ giant. It was all Claudia, Mike Foxx’s “Angel Of Mercy,” could do to stay out of the way of the battling behemoths. Jackson gave Colossus the Big Booyah (Rock Bottom), but, as he was making the cover, Angel Of Sinn ran in and attacked Jackson. Referee Travis Trueborne could do nothing, since everything was legal. Sinn and Colossus used a chair and a 25-pound weight on Jackson’s right arm before Colossus chokeslammed Jackson to get the win. Not satisfied with just the win, Foxx’s Faithful continued the attack, repeatedly smashing Jackson’s arm with the chair and the weight until Mace Malone ran in to save his mentor.
The damage was done, though; preliminary reports indicated that Jackson’s right arm may have been broken.

BRETT IDOL beat “JIGGLE-O” JAMES JOHNSON by pinfall with the Breathtaker –All four brothers from PCW’s ownership family, Thomas, Chris, Stephen and Larry Bussey, served as lumberjacks. As might be expected, when Idol was thrown out of the ring, the Busseys did everything but offer him a nice, refreshing drink of water. On the other hand, when Johnson was thrown out, the Busseys descended on him like a pack of wolves, stomping him and slapping him with their flip-flops. Johnson climbed to the top turnbuckle for a flying move on Idol, but the Busseys pushed him off. When Idol went to the top following a Rocker Dropper, the Busseys just watched and cheered him on. Idol hit his Breathtaker 450 Splash and got the win, thanks to his buddies, who all took turns stomping Johnson and mocking his dancing.

PCW FULL THROTTLE MAIN EVENT–PCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH Champion WALLY DARKMON and “The DARK MESSIAH” MIKE FOXX (w/ Claudia) went to a no-contest, and the belt was held up –Both men fought hard, doing everything they could to each other. Foxx held Darkmon for Claudia’s Kiss Of Death, the red mist, but Darkmon ducked and Foxx took the mist in his own face. Just as Referee Trueborne was making a three-count, the Dark Circle came out and pulled him from the ring, and Apocalypse slugged him. The three Circle members started stomping Foxx. The Faithful, Colossus & Sinn, came out, and the Circle and Faithful started slugging it out. Mace Malone, the Best Friends Forever and Viktor Tadlock ran out, and it was all-out war as they all went to the floor. Inside the ring, Foxx countered the Mood Swing (Canadian Destroyer) with the Career Killer (Boston Crab), and Darkmon tapped out, but the referee was in no position or condition to see it. Action spilled back into the ring, and, in the melee, Foxx threw a ball of fire into Malone’s face, burning him. With the referee unable to render a decision, Chris & Steven Bussey came out and grabbed the title belt, and Chris declared that there was no winner, and, therefore, no champion, holding the belt up. Foxx and his Faithful posed in the midst of the bodies strewn in and out of the ring and then left. Before it was all over, the Dark Circle recovered and destroyed Tadlock, the BFF and, finally, Darkmon, leaving they laying, especially Darkmon.

PCW Full Throttle’s next show will be on Saturday, July 21 at PCW Arena.
Bell time is 8 p.m.

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