Ali Baba

Career Highlights


  • Harry Ekizian was a 1930’s era wrestler who gained his greatest fame under the Arabic gimmick of “Ali Baba”..
  • Ekizian was a regular in the western U.S. using both the name Harry Ekizian and assorted “middle eastern” names like Ali Yumid..
  • March 11, 1934: Tex Wright (28 years old) died after a match with Harry Ekizian (wrestling at the time as Ali Yumid) in Greeley, CO..
  • April 24, 1936: Ekizian officially changed his name to Ali Baba..
  • Ali Baba defeated Dick Shikat for the main lineage world heavyweight championship, though he was not recognized in New York state..
  • May 5, 1936: Ali Baba defeated Dick Shikat in New York City to become recognized as “World champion” in New York also..
  • June 12, 1936: Dave Levin defeated Ali Baba via DQ in Newark, NJ and began billing himself as world champion..
  • June 26, 1936 Everette Marshall defeated Ali Baba for the linear (Hackenschmidt) world heavyweight title in Columbus, OH..
  • November 20, 1936 Marshall again defeated Baba in Chicago, IL to win that states world title recognition..
  • November 16, 1981: Arteen “Harry” Ekizian died at the age of 80..