Billy Blue River

Title History


  • All-Star Wrestling Heavyweight title defeating Pancho Villa (1964 in St.Petersburg, Florida);
  • IWA Heavyweight title defeating Bob McCune (1977 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin);


Career Highlights


  • Bill Wenhold was trained by his father (Karl Shnieder) who was an old time shooter who took on all comers at carnivals..
  • Bill Wenhold was also trained at Tampa University by Johnny (Swede) Carlin, who was a top notch shooter as well..
  • 1963: Billy Blue River had his first professional wrestling match against Bull Montana in Palmetto, Florida..
  • 1964: Billy Blue River defeated Pancho Villa to win the All-Star Wrestling Heavyweight title in St.Petersburg, Florida..
  • 1977: Billy Blue River defeated Bob McCune to win the IWA Heavyweight title at the Mecca Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin..
  • Billy Blue River participated in many mixed tag team matches with his wife Beverly Shade (as Beverly Blue River)…
  • 1986: Billy Blue River retired and continued a management career with in the Container industry (retired in 2003)..
  • Bill & Beverly Wenhold promoted wrestling for 16 years holding shows in Florida, Georgia & Caribbean Islands..