Billy Two Rivers

Title History


  • NWA (Mid Atlantic) Southern Tag Team titles w/George Becker defeating Enrique & Alberto Torres (April 6, 1959);
  • Grand Prix Wrestling Tag Team titles w/Jean War Eagle defeating ????????? (????, 1974);
  • IWA (Montreal) International Heavyweight title defeating Serge Dumont (August 3, 1976);


Career Highlights


  • Billy Two Rivers trained to be a professional wrestler with Don Eagle and they eventually formed a tag team..
  • 1959: Billy Two Rivers travelled to England, where he would become an international star..
  • 1976: Billy Two Rivers retired from professional wrestling and went into politics..
  • 1978: Billy Two Rivers ran for council, where he sat for the next 20 years, leading the Mohawks of the Kahnawake reserve..
  • ~~~Billy Two Rivers led the controversial blockade of Montreal’s Mercier Bridge in 1990, usually referred to as the Oka Crisis..