Butch Malone

Title History


  • NWA (Gulf Coast) Alabama Heavyweight title (as Bill Malone) defeating Dick Dunn (September 25, 1975);
  • NWA Tennessee Tag Team titles w/Norvell Austin defeating ???????? (December ??, 1975);
  • NWA Mid America Tag Team titles w/Jim Dalton won a tournament (December 1, 1979);


Career Highlights


  • Butch Malone, Chris Taylor, Sgt. Slaughter &Buddy Rose were trained by Verne Gagne & Billy Robinson of the AWA..
  • Butch Malone was in the movie “The Wrestler” (see IMDB.com) but was cut out the final theater release.
  • 1976: Butch Malone formed a heel tag team with Norvell Austin and they were managed by Homer O’Dell ..
  • Spring 1976: Butch Malone & Norvell Austin broke up and began feuding (Malone turned face and O’Dell stayed with Austin)..
  • Summer 1976: Butch Malone went to Tennessee & Alabama as a heel and formed tag teams with David Schultz and Bill Ash..
  • 1977: Butch Malone formed a masked tag team with Jim Dalton known as “The Exterminaters” in the Memphis area…
  • Late 1978: Butch Malone & Jim Dalton worked as heels in the Knoxville Southeastern region with Ron Wright as their manager..
  • Promotions most working for: AWA, NWA (Charlotte, Atlanta, Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis)..
  • Bill Crouch retired after his son was born and went into heavy equipment mechanics and computer information technology..
  • Bill Crouch is currently working for the Federal Government and is a Microsoft System Engineer in Windows NT and 2000..
  • 2010: Bill Crouch appeared in a movie from the Western-genre called “The Gundown” at http://thegundown.com