Don Duffy

Title History


  • NWA Gulf Coast Heavyweight title defeating Dick Dunn (April 3, 1964);
  • NWA (Gulf Coast) Louisiana Heavyweight title defeating ???????? (????, 1972);
  • NWA (Gulf Coast) Alabama Heavyweight title defeating Dick Dunn (June 20, 1975);


Career History


  • Don Duffy wrestled as a bleech blond heel before making the transition to a manager on the west coast..
  • Don Duffy was in and out of the Gulf Coast territory in the 60s and 70s and held the Gulf Coast Heavyweight title in 1964..
  • Don Duffy teamed with Ric Sanchez as “The Scorpions” in Tennessee and wrestled as “The Scorpion” later in Gulf Coast..
  • Don Duffy appeared in the wrestling documentary called “The Wrestling Queen” (featuring Vivian Vachon, Andre The Giant more..)