Don Frye

Title History


Career History


  • Don Frye has a background in Greco-Roman Wrestling & Judo..
  • August 1997: Don Frye made New Japan his home promotion for Pro-Wrestling..
  • Don Frye is the only man to have not one victory, but 2 victories over Naoya Ogawa before his undefeated streak..
  • Don Frye won the honor of being Antonio Inoki’s retirement opponent by beating Ogawa in the final..
  • Don Frye was a member of Masahiro Chono’s Team 2000 group and Keiji Muto’s BATT (Bad Ass Translate Trading) group..
  • Don Frye competes regularly in the MMA promotion PRIDE..
  • Don Frye once caused the Tokyo Dome ramp to be littered with garbage..