Doug Gasque


Title History

  • SC Junior heavyweight championship;

Career Highlights

  • Doug Gasque was ranked # 2 on the East coast among USMC amateur wrestlers in 1972.
  • March 10, 1973 – IWA: Doug Hawkins defeated Doug Gasque (debut).
  • One week later, as the Red Deamon, Doug Gasque went to a 20 minute draw with Buddy Porter in Hickory, and the Red Deamons were born with Lee Teal as his partner.
  • The Red Deamons stayed together for over a year.
  • Doug Gasque then went to Texas for 6 months where he wrestled the NWA Jr heavy champion to a draw in Dallas, TX.
  • Doug Gasque had a write-up in the Big Book of Wrestling in 1976 after winning the SC Jr heavyweight championship and losing it a month later due to an injury.
  • After five years Doug Gasque gave up wrestling due to a back injury.
  • Doug Gasque is a former marine, combat veteran.
  • Doug Gasque is married and has four daughters and now lives in El  Paso, TX where he write crime stories. He has had 19 stories published under different names.
  • When Doug Gasque is not writing he practices hapkido martial arts with his two grandchildren.