Eddie Mansfield

Title History


  • Florida Television title defeating Eddie Gilbert (September 26, 1981);


Career History



  • Eddie Mansfield was a minor player in the Florida territory in the early to mid-80’s..
  • 20/20 did an expose on wrestling that was done by staff reporter John Stossel..
  • ~~~It was a story about wrestling, debating “is it real or not” —- Eddie was on the “it’s not” side..
  • ~~~He even explained and demonstrated blading. Yes he cut himself sitting there having a conversation with the reporter..
  • ~~~It was during the making of this story that Mr. Stossel asked Dr. David Shultz if it was fake, and got smacked in the face!
  • ~~~~~~Eddie Mansfield was pretty much blackballed after that for breaking kayfabe in such a BIG way..