Title History


  • “Junior-VM” (1973 & 1975);
  • European Middleweight title (1976, 1978, 1979, 1981);
  • World Middleweight title (1977, 1979, 1982);
  • OS-Bronze in “Greek-roman style” (1984);


Career History


  • Early 1990s: Frank Andersson wrestled in the WCW, but never got a real break through..
  • 1995-98: Frank Andersson had trouble with the law over cocain abuse..
  • ~~~Stockholm Sweden: Swedish Police Officers aprehended Frank Andersson when he was stealing a TV..
  • ~~~Frank Andersson threw the TV away and said to the Police Officers: “Comé on! I´ll take you both on!”
  • ~~~The officers then drew ther firearms and said: “Try anything and you get a bullet in your kneecap”..
  • 2005: Frank Andersson filed a request for “Personal bankruptcy” the the Swedish Tax authority..
  • 2006: Frank Andersson is completely rehabilitated and is now living a peacefull life in Sweden. Free of Drugs and Alcohol.