Frank Chrzanowski

Career History


  • Frank Chrzanowski announced many Intercontinental title changes; Savage over Muraco, Mountie over Bret Hart, and others..
  • Frank Chrzanowski announced the Tag team title change when Mike Rotundo and Barry Windom won the titles..
  • Frank Chrzanowski got beat up by Andre the Giant twice..
  • Frank Chrzanowski hated to dance with Hillbilly Jim and the Gobbledee Gooker..
  • Frank Chrzanowski was chased by Sargeant Slaughter when he was not liked for calling him Gomer..
  • Frank Chrzanowski was one of the last to announce Yokozuna before he died for an Indy show..
  • 2001: Frank Chrzanowski was winner of a battle royal in MWA when the match started with me in the ring with 13 others..
  • ~~~Frank threw out the last man to win the match to everyone’s surprise!