Frank Hickey

Title History


Career History


  • Late 40s: Frank Hickey had a triumphant Southwestern run in the California/Arizona circuit..
  • Early 1960s – Deep South: Frank Hickey often teamed with Johnny Mae (Mae Young) for mixed tag bouts at the mid card level..
  • Frank Hickey was in the WWWF territory a lot from 1961 to 1967 (wrestling as Frank Hickey)..
  • Frank Hickey is dealt with at length in the Ted Lewin Book, I Was A Teenage Professional Wrestler..
  • After retiring from active wrestling, Frank Hickey also worked as a referee..
  • December 8, 1993: Frank J. Hickey passed away and was buried at Memorial Hill Cemetary in Albany, Kentucky..
  • Frank Hickey was a favorite of the indy wrestler turned artist, Larry Monti, who made various paintings depicting him in action.