Title History


  • International Tag Team titles w/Butch Levy defeating Murder Inc. (Stan Kowalski & Tiny Mills) ();


Career History


  • 1959-60: Frank Townsend wrestled in the Minnesota area and was the top babyface when Verne Gagne wasn’t around..
  • Frank Townsend teamed with Butch Levy and won the International tag titles from Murder Inc. (Stan Kowalski & Tiny Mills)
  • Early 1960s: Frank Townsend was also one of the early gaijin stars in Japan under a mask as “Killer X”..
  • Frank Townsend also teamed with Don “Man Mountain” Campbell (aka “Big” Luke Brown)..
  • Frank Townsend died very young, drowned after a boating accident at the age of 32.