George Gouliovas

Title History


  • (Australia) Austra-Asian Heavyweight title in a tag team match with special stipulations (November 1, 1974);
  • (Australia) Austra-Asian Heavyweight title defeating Great Mephisto (February 28, 1975);
  • (Australia) Austra-Asian Tag Team titles w/Skandor Akbar defeating Larry O’Day & Bobby Hart (August 1, 1975);


Career Highlights


  • 1974: George Goulouvias & Mario Milano defeated Cyclone Negro & Lorenzo Parente in a tag match with Negro’s title on the line!
  • George Goulouvias was the promotions replacement Greek after Spiros Arion jumped to the WWWF (to keep Arion’s Greek fan base)..
  • George Goulouvias had a stint under a mask as the “Golden Hercules” after being “burnt” by Mephisto with a fireball!