Goldie Rogers

Title History


  • Pacific Northwest Tag Team titles w/Bobby Bass ();


Career Highlights


  • 1970s: Goldie Rogers worked for Dean Silverstone’s Superstar Championship Wrestling out of Washington State..
  • 1977: Goldie Rogers started working in Al Tomko’s Vancouver All-Star territory..
  • July 1981: Goldie Rogers travelled to Toronto where he became a regular on Frank Tunney’s Maple Leaf wrestling show..
  • 1984-85: Goldie Rogers worked as enhancement talent whenever the World Wrestling Federation toured up north..
  • Late 1980s: Goldie Rogers enjoyed his greatest success as one of the top heels in Bruce Hart’s Calgary Stampede promotion..
  • Goldie Rogers & Duke Myres were a team known as “The Bowlers” to help promote a local bowling ally which sponsored Stampede..
  • Goldie Rogers now reportedly runs the aptly named “Goldie’s Taxi” service in Cobourg, Ontario — a small town east of Toronto..