Henry Pulasco

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  • Kubla Khan was a Lebanese-American named Henry Pulusco who worked in Georgia, Oklahoma and Gulf Coast and others..
  • Kubla Khan teamed a lot with Francisco Flores (as Gunga Din) and were billed as being from Lebanon..
  • Henry Pilusso turned on El Santo and helped launch the man in the famed silver mask to legendary status in Mexico..
  • El Santo would later use Henry Pilusso in at least two of his films; El Tesoro De Moctezuma and Operacion 67..
  • He was often billed as Henry Piluso, Henry Pullusso, or Henry Pulasco usually due to misprinted event programs..

    Dale Pierce wrote: During the 1960s, Pilusso had a long run on the Arizona-Mexico border, feuding with a number of people. For a brief time he was managed by Ernie Guest (actually the promoter, Ernie Muhammid who had it in his mind to be a manager/wrestler himself and not just book shows. Guest was not good at this sideline) — Years later, Phil Melby would remark “Remember when Ernie thought he was a wrestler and manager” at an oldtimer reunion, which brought loud laughter from all those in attendance) — Pilusso was never happy to have this “manager” tag along with him, as was anyone else working at the time, but they were forced to go along with it. They all often potatoed the hell out of Ernie. Pilusso’s last hurrah in Arizona came in the early 1970s, when he was assigned to team with and carry a very green newcomer called Bobby Mayne. Mayne would later become famous himself under the better known alias of Bobby Jaggers.


Henry Piluso may be responsible for the greatest heel to baby turn in Nexican history and the changing of Mexican lucha libre histrory . When he turned on partner El Santo , he made this man an instant hero and started him on the path to being arguably the greatest babyface in lucha libre history

In Arizona for a lengthy time, Henry Piluso was managed by Ernie Guest, a fairly hapless manager, though not being his choice,. Guest was really promoter Ernie Muhammid who, for a brief time, got it into his head he could wrestle and manage when he should have stuck to promoting. Guest made the bad judment of getting involved in tag team matches with Piluso as a partner and took a real pounding by all concerned in an effort to send him back to strictly promoting, which they eventually did. Besides Jaggers and Guest, Piluso often teamed with Chuck Karbo, Spike Jones and John Shane.

Piluso also played small parts in a number of Mexican films, including those by rival El Santo .