Jack Donovan

Title History


  • NWA (Gulf Coast) Southern Tag Team titles w/Jackie Fargo defeating Mysterious Medics (June 1, 1962);
  • NWA (Central States) North American Tag Team titles w/The Viking defeating The Stomper & Bob Ellis (July 14, 1966);
  • NWA (Central States) United States Heavyweight title defeating Pat O` Connor (????, 1967);
  • NWA (Tri State) United States Tag Team titles w/Ron Reed defeating Chuck Karbo & Chati Yokouchi (April ??, 1968);
  • NWA Tennessee Tag Team titles w/Ron Wright defeating Don & Al Greene (February 25, 1972);
  • NWA Southeastern Heavyweight title defeating Ron Wright (July 14, 1972);
  • NWA Gulf Coast Heavyweight title defeating Ken Lucas (November 19, 1974);


Career Highlights


  • Jack Donovan was a long-time heel Southeastern wrestler and manager in the 60s and 70s..
  • 1968: Jack Donavan caused a riot during a match with Danny Hodge in Oklahoma City and had to fight their way to the locker-room..
  • ~~~Both wrestlers likewise received minor knife wounds that required a trip to the emergency room at the local hospital!
  • Jack Donovan formed a successful tag team with Handsome Ronnie Reed (Ron Read aka Buddy Colt)..
  • Jack Donovan’s valet/manager, Verne Bottoms, was also his common law wife…
  • November 27, 2004: Jack Donovan passed away at the age of 76 after an accident at a construction site he was working at..
  • ~~~In a shocking twist, Jack Donovan had recently winning a very serious battle with Cancer..

    Bill Sellier wrote: Jack Donovan’s real, legal name was Joe Jack Dunnavant, not John Dunnivant. I was a long-time friend of his, and am still close friends with his widow, Shirley, who resides in Montgomery, Alabama


Lynn B. Stouh wrote: I was very glad to see Jacks profile on your site. I was a long time friend of Jacks and used to go to the old Gulf “theatre/wrestling arena to watch him in Pensacola. He fought with Lee and Bobby Fields, Mario Galento and other well knowns in that area. Years later as a Manager of a Sherwin Williams paint store in Montgomery Alabama Jack came in and introduced himself to which i replied that he not need to introduce himself to me and i explained that i was the sandy headed kid that used to sit in the front row cheering him on at the matches. He remembered me and had remembered signing a cast i had on my arm. Not long before Jacks death i ran into him and Shirley at Countrys Barbeque on Atlanta Hwy. He told me he had given his life over to christ and was attending Frasier United Methodist Church. He and Ms.Shirley were such a good couple and I truly miss my friend. God Speed Jack Dunnavant. Thanks to OWW for this venue.