[In Funk’s Corner: Jim Barnette]

Career Highlights


  • Jim Barnett started under Fred Kohler and was a major player when wrestling was on television in the Dumont Network in Chicago..
  • Jim Barnett was the first to realize the power of television and its relationship to professional wrestling..
  • ~~~He was able to get Wrestling from the Marigold syndicated across the U.S. and thus was born the 1st national wrestling tv show..
  • Jim Barnett lived in Australia for about ten years, he had an apartment in the Hilton Hotel at Sydney’s King’s Cross..
  • Jim Barnett saw an open market in Australia as far as Wrestling was concerned and booked many American wrestlers on his events..
  • Jim Barnett ran one of the classiest promotions in wrestling history treating his talent good and enforcing a suit & tie dress code..
  • Jim Barnett always personally came to the dressing room before shows to motivate the wrestlers..
  • Jim Barnett was a master entertainer but was deadly serious about the business of drawing money..
  • After purchasing the Atlanta Territory, Jim Barnett became secretary of the National Wrestling Alliance..
  • Late 1970s: Jim Barnett was possibly the most powerful promoter in the National Wrestling Alliance..
  • 1984: Jim Barnett was one of the leading executives during the WWF‘s expansion under Vince McMahon Jr..
  • Early 1990s: Jim Barnett was Ted Turner’s closest confidante when he (Turner) got into the wrestling business..
  • 1990s: Jim Barnett also worked for World Championship Wrestling for much of the 1990s..
  • Jim Barnett one of pro wrestling’s all-time most colorful and controversial characters inside of the business..
  • Jim Barnett was the promoter during the glory days of wrestling in Chicago, Indiana, Georgia and Australia..
  • Jim Barnett was portrayed in a very negative manner in recent books by Jim Wilson and Ole Anderson..
  • September 17, 2004: Jim Barnett passed away yesterday at the age of 80 after a long battle with cancer..
  • ~~~Jim Barnett suffered a broken arm in a fall, necessitating surgery, but never recovered from the surgery, contracting pneumonia..