Joe Cornelius

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Career Highlights


  • Here’s a quote from Adrian Street about Joe Cornelius: What a presence ‘The Dazzler’ made when he entered the ring, the wavy jet black hair, the dazzling smile … the eyebrows! Damn! He had it all, a personality as big as the Royal Albert Hall and ring savvy second to none, he was like a puppet master with strings fastened to the hearts of every member of the audience, if he laughed they laughed, if he cried they cried, if he suffered they suffered and when he triumphed. Whoops! There goes another arena roof!


Dazzler Joe Cornelius – The black tights and sequined capes were the trademark of the hugely popular Londoner, Dazzler Joe Cornelius From the moment he jumped over the top rope until the day he retired as undefeated Southern England heavyweight champion Dazzler Joe was a crowd pleaser throughout. Trained by Tony Mancelli and Joe D’Orazio the dazzler made his professional debut in Germany, substituting for his injured mentor, Joe D’Orazio. Dazzler Joe combined wrestling with hairdressing, which was not the unique pairing that might have been expected. Fans were surprised and disappointed when Dazzler Joe hung up the sequined crown for the last time, whilst still Southern England Heavyweight Champion.