Joe Dunlap

Title History


  • TWF Wrestling (QUE) Managed Tag-Team Champions Evilicious
  • CGPW Wrestling Managed CGPW Heavyweight Champion Greg The Hammer Valentine


Career Highlights


  • Being given the distinct opportunity to work with The Legends Of Wrestling in front of sold out crowds multiple times..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and having a Legend such as Greg “the Hammer” Valentine hold the CGPW Heavyweight Title.
  • June 1976: Joe Dunlap was first introduced to pro-wrestling by his grand-parents at the Truro Arena (Truro NS) with AGPW..
  • July 1989: Joe Dunlap relocated to Cornwall, Ontario in hopes of getting an “in” to the world of professional wrestling.
  • February 10, 1997: Joe Dunlap debuted for the now defunct TWF in Buckingham, Quebec..
  • ~~~He became “Loud Mouthed, Egotistcal” manager Robert Joseph Fairfax III doing weekly events.
  • February 24, 1997: Robert Joseph Fairfax III managed the Tag-Team Evilicious to the TWF Tag-Team Titles
  • May 1997: Robert Joseph Fairfax III and Evilicious lose the titles after Fairfax was struck in the head with a stop sign and accidently knocked out one of his men with a loaded briefcase.
  • July 1997: Robert Joseph Fairfax III and his team headed to Montreal and the FLQ to work for Canadian Wrestling Legend Paul Leduc
  • September 1997: Joe Dunlap dropped the Fairfax name and went by the name given to him at birth – Joe Dunlap..
  • ~~~ when asked why, he said “I want to be known for who I really am and where I come from, East Coast proud..
  • February 1998: Joe Dunlap worked for various promoters all over Ontario and Quebec working on all aspects of the business…
  • ~~~Joe Dunlap worked on his microphone skills and learned how to referee, ring announce and do color commentary as well..
  • January 2002: Out of the blue, Joe Dunlap announced that he will be starting his own promotion called CGPW Wrestling..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CGPW held its first live event shortly after in front of a sold out crowd in Cornwall, Ontario..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was the first live independent wrestling event in the Seaway City in over twenty-five years.
  • August 2002-2005: CGPW Wrestling toured Southern Ontario and partnered up with various promotions and shared talent..
  • Oct 2005-July 2007: Joe Dunlap took two years off to get back and knee surgeries, and made contacts with WWF Legends..
  • July 7, 2007: CGPW Wrestling returned in Morrisburg, Ontario to a sell-out crowd at the Morrisburg Arena..
  • ~~~The return event featured WWE Hall Of Famer Greg “The Hammer” Valentine become CGPW Heavywieght Champion..
  • August 23, 2007: Joe Dunlap managed CGPW Champion Greg “The Hammer” Valentine in front of a sold out crowd at the Ottawa Civic Center at The Super-Ex Showdown in Ottawa ON in a non-title match VS Koko B Ware, with the stipulation that if Koko pinned Valentine he would be given a title the next night in Cornwall. Koko pinned Valentine with help from Ottawa’s A Channel Weatherman and special Guest Referee Bill Welyscka. Welyscka then found himself on the receiving end of a brutal beating at the hands of Dunlap.
  • August 24, 2007: CGPW Wrestling returned to Cornwall ON in front of yet another sold out crowd..
  • ~~~Headlining the card was Greg Valentine vs. Koko B Ware, also appearing on the card was Kamala, Hannibal, & Johnny Devine.
  • July-September 2008: Joe Dunlap appeared on the Wrestling Supershow in Ottawa, Hawkesbury and Kingston, Ontario..
  • ~~~The show featured the Honky Tonk Man, Bushwhacker Luke, Pierre Carl Ouellette (PCO) and Abdullah The Butcher..