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  • John Riegler is now retired from wrestling but is presently a police officer in upstate New York..


John Riegler wrote: I worked for the WWF, ICW and NWA as a referee from 1986 to 1994. I was also licensed as referee in New York State, where I mainly worked. WWF (titan sports did use me at times for out of state shows, as did the ICW and the NWA when Ted Turner owned it. I also worked as a masked Jobber mainly for the ICW, when the Savolis owned it and I have wrestled a few dark matches for the WWF as well. I was trained as a referee by Jack Lotz and as a wrestler by assorted wrestlers. I did television as a referee for the WWF regularly when it was taped from the Mid Hudson Civic Center in New York, which aired every Saturday morning. I have worked as a referee with many referees and wrestlers including the refs. Joey Morello, Jack Lotz and Dick Kroll. I suffered a hand injury in 1994 and retired from wrestling.