Career Highlights


  • Ken Resnick began as an announcer with the AWA after Mean Gene Okerlund left for the WWF..
  • ~~~Ken would soon after appear on WWF programming himself conducting interviews hyping live events..
  • ~~~Ken’s interviews helped promote big cards in major cities in the mid-1980’s, before leaving in 1987..
  • 1987: Ken Resnick would soon begin announcing for the LPWA (Ladies’ Professional Wrestling Association)..
  • Ken Resnick appeared in two movies, “The Silencers” and “The Naked Man”..
  • 1999-2000: Ken Resnick did play-by-play duties for TNN’s “WSL RollerJam” joining for American Gladiator Lee “Hawk” Reherman..
  • ~~~Ken disappeared shortly afterward and was replaced by Rory Markas.. 
  • Mr. Ken Resnick send in these comments: It’s me, Ken Resnick. A buddy of mine found your sight and told me of my bio page, nice job, I do appreciate it. Thought if your interested I would fill in the blanks for you. Ken Resnick is my real name, my birthday is May 1st, Minneapolis, Mn. is my hometown and I still live in a suburb, Edina Mn. and I’m single. The biggest reason I left “Roller Jam” was a change in the producer along with some eye problems. I am now fully recovered from a corneal transplant and a detached retina and still hope to get back into television. A side note, I was just reappointed to the Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission for the fourth time by a third Minnesota Governor, and yes to answer your question, two of the three year term appointments were by Jesse.
  • Michael Summers send in these comments: If I were to work with an announcer on the independent wrestling scene or other sports, it would definitely be with “Killer Ken” (as Hulk Hogan called him once). He just has a style like he does his homework before an event whether it be the AWA, WWE or RollerJam.