Ken Timbs

Title History


  • Continental Championship Wrestling Junior Heavyweight title;
  • SCW Southwest Tag Team titles w/Eric Embry (3);
  • NWA Central States Heavyweight title ();
  • NWA United States Junior Heavyweight title ();
  • NWA Central States Tag Team titles w/Pork Chop Cash ();
  • NWA World Light Heavyweight title defeating Lizmark (June 24, 1988);
  • NWA World Light Heavyweight title ();
  • FILL World Light Heavyweight title ();
  • EMLL World Light Heavyweight title (3);
  • Guatemala World Heavyweight title ();


Career Highlights


  • 1978: Ken Timbs began his career in in Georgia Championship Wrestling after being trained by Ole Anderson..
  • Ken Timbs later worked in the Mid-Atlantic territory, before moving on to Memphis for a brief stint..
  • Ken Timbs moved on to Southwest Championship Wrestling where he teamed with Eric Embry as the Fabulous Blondes..
  • 1986: Ken Timbs went back to Memphis and teamed with Dusty Wolfe also known as the “Hollywood Blondes”..
  • May 1988: Ken Timbs traveled to Mexico where he was billed as “Fabulouso Blonde” in EMLL..
  • June 24, 1988: Ken Timbs became EMLL’s World Light-Heavyweight champion by defeating legendary lucha libre star Lizmark..
  • Ken Timbs continued to work in Mexico and South America, becoming Guatemala’s Heavyeweight Champion..
  • Mid-90s: Ken Timbs returned to the United States and mostly worked around his home state of Georgia..
  • August 1, 2004: Ken Timbs passed away at 5:10 after a lengthy battle with cardio myopathy and congestive heart failure. He was 53.
  • February 2007: Ken Timbs’s son, Nickolai, is presently on the Ohio State University wrestling team.juanita timbs wrote (On October 5, 2009): As an introduction, I am the spouse of the late Ken Timbs. I wanted to update you on his son, Nickolai. Nickolai Timbs graduated from the Ohio State University, August 2009, with a double major in Sociology and Criminology. I also want to thank you for the accuracy in the content on his site and I appreciate you for this. His children can proudly look back and show their friends his career. Thank you!