Title History


  • (Amature) Far East Heavyweight title (1979);
  • IAW Television title (2002);


Career Highlights


  • Kurt Beyer is the son of the legendary Dick “The Destroyer” Beyer..
  • Special thanks to Kurt Beyer for writing in and helping to fill in this profile (as well as his fathers profile)..

    Kurt Beyer wrote in and told us about his feuds:

    Franz Shumann (CWA Middleweight Champion) – Feud ended with Beyer losing in Middle-Weight Title match to Franz Schumann in Bremen, Germany. (CWA match.)

    Dory Funk Jr. – Spinning Toe Hold vs Figure Four: Fued settled when Dory Funk Jr. got Beyer to submit with a Spinning Toe Hold in front of a capacity crowd at Tokyo’s Budokan Arena. (All Japan Pro Wrestling match.)

    “Flying” Andy Chene – Feud started (and continues to date) when Beyer defeated reigning champion Andy Chene in South Bend, Indiana, for the IAW TV Championship. Beyer won the match with a Flying Shoulder Block off the top rope. (IAW match.)

    Although matches with Dory Funk Jr., Franz Shumann and Andy Chene stand out, Kurt’s single greatest career highlight comes as the tag-team partner for his father, The Destroyer, for his father’s final three matches in Ishikawa, Yokohama and Tokyo, in Japan’s first father-son tag-team matches. The Sayonara Match in Tokyo was at a sold-out Budokan Arena and covered by all of Japan’s major television and print media.

    Wikipedia Entry: Kurt Beyer was born September 23, 1960, in Buffalo, New York. Son of The Destroyer, professional wrestling legend who was inducted into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2005, Kurt was raised in Tokyo, Japan, where his father enjoyed huge popularity. Upon graduation from the University of San Francisco, Kurt pursued creative interests, working as a writer/editor at The Yomiuri Shimbun’s The Daily Yomiuri and later in Tokyo’s advertising industry for Odyssey Inc. In response to an overwhelming urge to follow his father’s footsteps, Kurt left the corporate world at the age of 30 and entered The Destroyer Pro-Wrestling Academy in New York. After his father’s academy, Kurt returned to Japan and became one of only a few foreigners to go through the hellish All Japan Professional Wrestling dojo, infamous for daily training schedules that included 1,600 sit-ups, 500 back extensions, 1,200 push-ups, 500 squats, hours of sparring and 300 to 500 “bumps” (body slams, back drops, etc.). The ultimate highlight of Kurt Beyer’s professional wrestling career came when he served as The Destroyer’s tag-team partner for his father’s last three matches in Kanagawa, Yokohama and, finally, Tokyo at a sold-out Budokan arena.