Title History

  • SWWF Tag Team titles w/Leatherface;
  • SWWF Television Title;


Career Highlights

  • Feds worked with: The SouthWest Wrestling Federation (SWWF, Austin TX), South Texas Extreme Wrestling (STEW, San Antonio TX), ACW (San Antonio) BattleZone Championship Wrestling (Taylor TX) Wrestlers Managed: LeatherFace (Tx Leatherface), Judge DOOM, Tarzan Taylor, Shaka Zulu, GrimLoch and more recently DEMONSEED ( who still manages on occasion to this day), Sam Hain, Frankie Manson (Fired Frankie after one night). While working at a radio station , did coverage for a sports show and was asked to interview Ivan Putski and Bruiser Brody. There he met Jonathan Boyd of the original Sheepherders. Did a stint in the USMC during the Lybia conflict. Grew up idolizing Kevin Sullivan, Roddy Piper and Nasty Ronnie. Was a onetime frontman for the infamous Satanic Metal Band “Demontuary.” Now runs a Chickenwing restaurant in Austin. Is opening his own Wrestling Fed in 2005 with Eddie “Demonseed” Guill and Robert “Devastator” Guill.