Love Brothers


Title History

  • NWA (Cleveland) World tag champions (1969);
  • NWF United States Tag Team titles (1973);
  • NWA (Toronto) International Tag Team titles (1974);
  • Harford: WWC North American title (Puerto Rico) (1977);
  • Harford: NWA Central States Tag Team titles w/Jerry Brown (1979);

Career Highlights

  • The Love Brothers gimmick was two guys in psychedelic pants and beads..
  • The Love Brothers were one of the most hated tag teams in the wrestling world..
  • The Love Brothers were noted for double-teaming and keeping a foe at bay in their corner..
  • The Love Brothers were so hated that a fan once jumped in the ring with a hand gun..
  • The Love Brothers were billed from Massachusetts..
  • The Love Brothers were not REALLY brothers..
  • The Love Brothers wrestled for promoter Pedro Martinez in Cleveland and Buffalo and Frank Tunney in Toronto..
  • Hartford Love finished off his career wrestling around his home in Newfoundland, often in shows promoted by George Cannon..

    Bruce Metcalfe wrote: I went to school with Wes Hutchings Jr. I didn’t realize his father was Hartford Love until I saw him on the top level of Grimsby Arena watching Wes Jr. play Saturday morning house league hockey.I got to admire Wes Sr.-to be wresting in Toronto and Ohio during the week and still be able to see his son play hockey!


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