Marianna Komlo

Title History

  • (Body Building) British Columbia Middleweight championship (1997);

Career Highlights

  • 1999: Marianna Kolmos debuted for the WWF originally as Beaver Cleavage’s (Mosh aka Chaz) mother in a series of vignettes..
  • June 7, 1999 – RAW: Beaver Cleavage w/Mrs. Cleavage defeated Christian with help from Michael Hayes & The Hardy Boyz..
  • ~~~Mrs. Cleavage would scold Beaver Cleavage if he used the ropes to choke, or broke the rules in any way..
  • June 28, 1999 – RAW: Chaz appears in an interview with Michael Cole out of character and introduces his girlfriend “Marianna”..
  • ~~~Later that night, Chaz w/Marianna defeated Meat w/Terri & Jackie after all the women got involved in the match..
  • July 5, 1999 – RAW: Jeff Jarrett w/Debra defeated Chaz w/Marianna after both women got involved in the match..
  • ~~~After the match, Glen Ruth (aka Thrasher of the Headbangers) showed up to save Chaz & Marianna..
  • August 1, 1999 – RAW: Chaz & Marianna conducted an interview and Prince Albert walked by and pinched Marianna’s butt!
  • ~~~Chaz attacked Prince Albert and they brawled around for a while until their match was cancelled..
  • ~~~A mystery man from the crowd dressed in white (Key, aka Vic Grimes) attacked Chaz and Albert kissed Marianna!
  • August 21, 1999 – Shotgun Saturday Night: Billy Gunn w/Chyna defeated Chaz w/Marianna..
  • August 30, 1999 – RAW: A G-TV segment played revealing Meat making out with Terri (but it turned out it was Marianna!)..
  • ~~~Chaz attacked Meat while Marianna watched — eventually Terri attacked Marianna and they had a cat fight!
  • September 9, 1999 – Smackdown!: Chaz said that he thought it was time that he and Marianna go their separate ways..
  • ~~~Later that night, Droz defeated Chaz when Marianna came down and begged Chaz to take her back..
  • September 13, 1999 – RAW: The Godfather defeated Chaz while Marianna stood at ringside with a black eye..
  • ~~~Marianna kept saying “Why, Chaz, Why?” implying that he was the one who gave her the black eye..
  • September 16, 1999 – Smackdown!: Prince Albert defeated Chaz when Marianna brought police to the ring to arrest Chaz!
  • October 10, 1999 – Sunday Night Heat: Steve Blackman defeated Chaz when Marianna tried to get Chaz arrested again!
  • ~~~Glen Ruth (aka Thrasher) showed up and played a G-TV segment which revealed that Marianna had been faking everything!
  • ~~~Once the police saw the video they released Chaz from the handcuffs and Marianna was arrested!!!!
  • September 26, 2004: Marianna Komlos passed away after a lengthy battle with breast cancer at the age of 25..