Maurice Tillet

Title History


  • American Wrestling Association (Paul Bowser Boston promotion) World title defeating Steve Casey (August 1, 1944);


Career Highlights


  • Maurice Tillet was a gifted, highly intelligent man who could speak 14 languages..
  • Maurice Tillet (in his 20s) developed Acromegaly, a rare and horrific disease which causes bones to grow wildly and uncontrollably..
  • ~~~Within months, Tillet was transformed from a regularly developed young man to a deformed shell of himself..
  • Maurice Tillet fled to the United States of America and became a professional wrestler…
  • August 1, 1944: The French Angel defeated Steve “Crusher” Casey for the American Wrestling Association World championship..
  • August 4, 1954: The French Angel died in Chicago, Illinois at the age of 51 from heart disease..
  • The French Angel, Maurice Tillet was measured at Harvard U. by Prof. Earnest Albert Hooten in 1940. He was 5′ 9″ 3/4 and 276 lbs. Note he was very muscular at this weight ..