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Career Highlights

In The Beginning:

World Wrestling Entertainment – Michael Cole:

  • Michael Cole was the regular announcer of WWE SmackDown! with his partner Tazz (until June 06 when Tazz defected to ECW)..
  • September 16, 2004 – SmackDown!: John Heidenreich kidnapped Michael Cole and held him hostage long enough to read him a POEM..
  • November 25, 2004 – SmackDown!: The Big Show threw a Thanksgiving party which, of course, ended up as a big food fight..
  • ~~~The Big Show, Joy Giovanni, Josh Mathews, Tazz, Michael Cole, Tony Chimmel, and Luther Reigns were all involved in the mess..
  • June 9, 2006 – SmackDown!: Tazz stood up and confronted Michael Cole and told him he QUIT SmackDown! to return “home” to ECW..

World Wrestling Entertainment – Michael Cole:

  • June 16, 2006 – SmackDown!: John Bradshaw Layfield returned to SmackDown! to join Michael Cole at the announce position..
  • June 11, 2007–RAW: The Mr. McMahon “character” was tragically killed when his private limousine exploded into a ball of flames..
  • August 13, 2007–RAW: Michael Cole & JBL auditioned for William Regal’s “WWE Idol” singing Hall & Oates..
  • November 16, 2007–SmackDown!: Michael Cole hosted the “official weigh-in” with Hornswoggle and The Great Khali..
  • April 27, 2008 – Backlash: Mick Foley debuted as a SmackDown! broadcast announcer, joining Michael Cole at the desk..
  • June 23, 2008–WWE Draft: In a shocking twist, Jim Ross was drafted to SmackDown!, and Michaels Cole was drafted to RAW!
  • July 7, 2008–RAW: Kane flipped out throwing a psychotic fit screaming “Is he dead or alive?” in a very loud tormented voice..
  • ~~~Kane assaulted Michael Cole, and Jerry Lawler came to his resue so Kane pounded the crap out of The King with punches..
  • July 14, 2008–RAW: Kane apologized to announcers Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler for brutally assaulting them last week..
  • July 28, 2008–RAW: Ted DiBiase Jr. & Cody Rhodes defeated Jerry “The King” Lawler & Michael Cole (sub for Jim Duggan)..
  • December 14, 2009–Slammy Awards: Michael Cole won for “OH MY Moment of the Year” for vomiting at the SD! Anniversary show..
  • February 15, 2010–RAW: Michael Cole participated in an embarrassing in-ring segment with RAW guest host Jerry Springer..
  • March 28, 2010–WrestleMania 26: Michael Cole called the show along side Jerry “The King” Lawler & Matt Striker..

World Wrestling Entertainment – The problems with Daniel Bryan:

  • Sping 2010: Michael Cole became one of the announcers for a new WWE TV program called NXT featuring developmental wrestlers..
  • Over the months, Michael Cole became very critital of one wrestler named Daniel Bryan who had a huge following on the internet..
  • May 18, 2010–WWE NXT: Daniel Bryan did an interview saying he was a self made man and was not invented by the WWE machine..
  • ~~Daniel Bryan scolded Michael Cole for saying bad things about him on commentary accusing him of being Vince McMahon’s parrot..
  • ~~Daniel said Michael Cole was a poor man’s replacement for Jim Ross and started attacking him!!! He had to be pulled off of Cole..
  • May 25, 2010–WWE NXT: Michael Cole demanded a public apology or else he would sue Daniel Bryan for everything he’s worth!
  • ~~~Daniel Bryan said he was “really really truly sorry that Michael Cole was the worst announcer by far in the history of the WWE!”
  • ~~~Daniel had Cole by the hand, as he tried to hide behind a team of security – Daniel accused Cole of holding him back since day 1!
  • ~~~Michael Cole yelled that Daniel Bryan tapped out of the competition because he was a LOSER – and LOSERS HAVE NO HEART!
  • ~~Security pulled Daniel off and Cole escaped, but Daniel jumped out and ran around the ring so he could tackle him down to the floor!
  • ~~Security dragged Daniel away, where he was yelled at by the Miz, so Daniel ended up attacking Miz up on the ramp causing chaos!
  • May 31, 2010–RAW: Daniel Bryan defeated Mike “The Miz” Mizanin by reversing a roll-up into his own roll-up!
  • ~~~Afterwards, the Miz attacked Daniel Bryan and demanded that he apologize to Michael Cole.- Bryan threw Miz onto Cole’s lap!
  • Summer 2010: An anonymous General Manager was appointed, who ran the show via emails – which were read by Michael Cole..
  • November 22, 2010–RAW: C.M. Punk joined Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler as a regular member of the RAW announcer team..
  • November 29, 2010–King of the Ring: The Miz w/Alex Riley had his arrogant heel celebration interrupted by Jerry “The King” Lawler..
  • ~~~The King was offended that The Miz beat a guy who was beaten up by 7 other guys, so the Anonymous G.M. booked a title match..
  • ~~~The Miz w/Alex Riley defeated Jerry Lawler in a TLC match after shocking interference by Michael Cole to retain the WWE title!
  • December 6, 2010–RAW: Jerry Lawler wanted to get revenge on Michael Cole but the Anonymous G.M. ordered him not to touch Cole..
  • ~~~WWE champion The Miz (w/Alex Riley) & Randy Orton also got involved in the segment, which ended with Cole taking an RKO!
  • December 13, 2010–The Slammy Awards: Michael Cole presented “The Line of the Year” Slammy to himself for “AND I QUOTE”
  • February 4, 2011–SmackDown!: Booker T joined the SmackDown! announce team along side Josh Mathews & Michael Cole..

World Wrestling Entertainment – Michael Cole w/Jack Swagger vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler (WrestleMania 27):

  • February 20, 2011–Elimination Chamber: The Miz w/Alex Riley defeated Jerry “The King” Lawler to retain the WWE championship..
  • ~~~Micheal Cole celebrated with the Miz and said King will have to buy a ticket to WrestleMania because they won’t let him announce!
  • February 21, 2011–RAW: Michael Cole interviewed Jerry Lawler and made a really insensitive comment about Lawler’s deseased mother..
  • ~~~Lawler threatened Cole and challenged him to a match at WrestleMania 27 – Cole threw a cup of water at The King and ran away!
  • February 28, 2011–RAW: Michael Cole accepted Jerry Lawler’s challenge, but only if he can choose his trainer and the guest referee..
  • ~~~Jerry Lawler accepted the terms…. Cole’s trainer turned out to be Jack Swagger, who came out and put the King in an Anklelock!
  • March 4, 2011–SmackDown!: Jack Swagger w/Michael Cole defeated JTG with an Anklelock..
  • March 7, 2011–RAW: Michael Cole brought out a contract and introduced his hand-picked referee…. John Bradshaw Layfield!
  • ~~~~JBL cut a long arrogant heel promo about retuning to WrestleMania, until they were interrupted by Stone Cold Steve Austin!
  • ~~~~Stone Cold gave JBL a Stunner and then had a beer bash…. before picking up the referee contract and signing on the dotted line!
  • March 11, 2011–SmackDown!: Michael Cole interviewed John Cena in the ring but was very rude, claiming the Miz finally shut Cena up!
  • ~~~~John Cena finally had enough and grabbed Cole…. Jack Swagger ran down and got tossed out of the ring trying to make the save..
  • ~~~~Cena then tried to give Cole an Attitude adjustment, but Swagger jumped back in and he ended up taking the Attitude Adjustment!
  • March 14, 2011–RAW: Michael Cole did commentary inside of a glass box to protect himself from Jerry “The King” Lawler..
  • ~~~LATER: Michael Cole brought back Brian Christopher (The King’s real life son) to berate and humiliate Jerry Lawler on live TV..
  • ~~~Eventually “Good Ol’ JR” Jim Ross arrived to put Michael Cole in his place! Then Jack Swagger attacked Jerry Lawler at ringside!!!
  • ~~~Jack Swagger assaulted Jim Ross… then Swagger put the King in an Anklelock while Michael Cole put Jim Ross in an Anklelock!!
  • March 21, 2011–RAW: Michael Cole came out to Jim Ross’s entrance music dressed like him..
  • ~~~Jerry Lawler attacked Cole during his promo only to be attacked by Jack Swagger & Michael Cole..
  • March 28, 2011–RAW: Jack Swagger w/Michael Cole defeated Jerry Lawler by disqualification..
  • April 3, 2011–Wrestlemania 27: Michael Cole w/Jack Swagger defeated Jerry Lawler w/guest referee Steve Austin..
  • ~~~The Anonymous RAW General Manager DQ’ed The King because Stone Cold Steve Austin abused his power during the match..

World Wrestling Entertainment – Michael Cole & Jack Swagger vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler & Jim Ross (Extreme Rules):

  • April 4, 2011–RAW: Jerry “The King” Lawler defeated Jack Swagger w/Michael Cole by reverse decision..
  • April 8, 2011–SmackDown!: Michael Cole cut a promo on his match at WM27 declaring himself the new “Mr. WrestleMania”..
  • April 11, 2011–RAW: Jerry “The King” Lawler w/Jim Ross defeated Jack Swagger w/Michael Cole..
  • ~~~Since Jerry Lawler won, he gets another match with Michael Cole at the next PPV (Extreme Rules)..
  • April 18, 2011–RAW: Michael Cole was knighted by a fake Queen Elizabeth in the middle of the WWE ring (lame segment)..
  • ~~~The King & Jim Ross ran in on the segment only to be attacked by Swagger & Cole (Swagger forced Jim Ross to kiss Cole’s feet)..
  • April 25, 2011–RAW: Jim Ross w/Jerry “The King” Lawler defeated Michael Cole w/Jack Swagger by disqualification..
  • ~~~The General Manager revealed their match at Extreme Rules would be a Tag Team Country Whipping Match..
  • April 29, 2011–SmackDown!: Michael Cole cut a promo making fun of Jim Ross..
  • May 1, 2011–Extreme Rules: Michael Cole and Jack Swagger defeated Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross in a Country Whipping Match..

World Wrestling Entertainment – Michael Cole vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler [Kiss My Foot Match] (Over the Limit):

  • May 2, 2011–RAW: The Rock hit Michael Cole with a Rock Bottom and a People’s Elbow after he interrupted the Rock’s Promo..
  • May 9, 2011–RAW: Jerry Lawler challenged Michael Cole to another match and if Cole won Lawler would give him his Hall of Fame ring..
  • ~~~~~~~Jerry Lawler attacked Michael Cole through a hole in his glass-protected Cole Mine (since he cannot lay a hand on him)..
  • May 13, 2011–SmackDown!: Michael Cole interrupted Layla El‘s promo until KHARMA came out.. Michael Cole ran away..
  • May 16, 2011–RAW: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler signed their match contract (Cole revealed he stopped washing his foot)..
  • ~~~Cole said the match would be a Kiss My Foot Match.. Jerry Lawler got Jack Swagger to turn on Cole and abandon him..
  • May 22, 2011–Over the Limit: Jerry “The King” Lawler defeated Michael Cole in a Kiss My Foot Match..
  • June 20, 2011–RAW: Michael Cole defeated Vickie Guerrero in a dance competition.
  • July 25, 2011–RAW: Zack Ryder defeated Michael Cole.
  • October 17, 2011–RAW: John Cena and Jim Ross defeated Alberto Del Rio and Michael Cole.
  • January 29, 2012–Royal Rumble: Michael Cole was in the Royal Rumble match which was won by Sheamus.
  • March 25, 2012–House Show: Jerry Lawler defeated Michael Cole.
  • June 4, 2012–RAW: John Cena defeated Michael Cole in a no disqualification match.
  • July 9, 2012–RAW: Jerry Lawler defeated Michael Cole.
  • Since December 7, 2012, Cole and former wrestler JBL have hosted their own WWE YouTube web series, The JBL and Cole Show.
  • April 1, 2015–RAW: Brock Lesnar give Michael Cole a big F5.
  • July 2016: Michael Cole got drafted to RAW to be on the announcing team.